Cigarettes Are Not Cool: The Anime

Cigarettes Are Not Cool: The Anime

To stop Japanese teens from smoking, Okayama Prefecture released an anti-smoking anime. It's over seven minutes long and features crap animation.

Titled "Tabako wa Dasai" (たばこはダサい) or "Cigarettes Are Lame," the anime was created with the cooperation of a professor in Okayama Prefectural University's design department. According to The Sanyo Shimbun, this is part of an Okayama campaign to reduce underage smoking to zero. A DVD version of the anime is being distributed to schools in the region for kids to watch and, presumably, mock.

On popular Japanese anime site Yaraon!, reactions ranged from "The fuck?" to "Well, don't sell cigarettes," with others arguing about smoking. The clip follows the story of Suita-kun, a member of the basketball team who cannot figure out why he's short of breath, and schoolgirl Minami, who hates smoking because it's unhealthy and causes litter.

Check it out below:

You know what's really lame? The clip's animation.


「たばこはダサい」アニメで訴え 県がDVD制作、学校に配布 [The Sanyo Shimbun via Yaraon!]


    That Southpark style bobbing up and down to indicate walking is tops.

    Oh my god, the animation in this is really bad, when the boy and girl were walking together, they looked like they were floating up and down, and you don't even hear simple footsteps.

    So it's not just cigarettes that suck, even bad animation sucks.

    That was so horrible, I suddenly feel like taking up smoking just to spite them. Too bad I'm not underage.

    Oh god, I just used YouTube's translated Japanese -> English captions, it got even worse!

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