Crimea's New Attorney General Reacts To Her Internet Fandom

Crimea's New Attorney General Reacts to Her Internet Fandom

After the new Prosecutor of the Crimean republic, Natalia Poklonskaya, gave a press conference earlier this month, anime style fan art started appearing online. But what does Poklonskaya think of all that?

In a recent interview (via The Voice of Russia), Russian television channel NTV asked the prosecutor what she thought about her newfound fame online.

"This is the first I've heard of it," she replied. "Well, I want to be viewed as the Attorney General, and I want to be evaluated on the way in which I do my job. I'm putting tremendous effort into that."

In another interview, which was uploaded on March 23, Poklonskaya said the reaction online was a "great surprise" to her. Honestly, she didn't quite seem to know how to react.

Below, you can see both clips, with subtitles courtesy of YouTube users Batnik-subs and wintersodomy:

On 2ch, Japan's largest forum, some net users tried to clarify the fan art, saying that she was being portrayed as an anime heroine — and not a sex symbol. "The reporter made a huge mistake," wrote one 2ch user, adding that she was less a sex symbol in Japan and more of a cute symbol. Eh... "She got maaaaaaaaaaad at us," wrote another 2ch user.

Recently, a Twitter account claiming to be Poklonskaya's popped up online, thanking people for the fan art . However, as Global Voices Online points out, Poklonskaya said in a March 19 interview that she doesn't have any social networking accounts, such as Twitter.

The first tweet from @NPoklonskaya was on March 20, and this weekend she even tweeted in Japanese, thanking people for their creativity and adding, "I love you!" (私はあなたを愛しています!). This hardly jives with her recent interview in which Poklonskaya said she wanted to be judged by her work — and considering all that's going on in the region, re-tweeting anime fan art is probably the last thing she has time for. Needless to say, this account is probably fake.


クリミア検事総長ポクロンスカヤ:私はアニメの主人公じゃない、検事総長だ [ロシアの声]

Natalia Poklonskaya finds out she's popular in internet [[email protected]]

Natalia Poklonskaya interview (eng subs) [[email protected]]

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    I would love to introduce her to Democracy. In my bedroom. Which is a Dictatorship.

    Considering the depths of shit she's in, this is just... I can't imagine.
    This world is absurd.

      More and more I wonder if Douglas Adams was right about the rejects from another planet being dumped on pre-historic earth, causing the Neanderthals to die off and Telephone Sanitisers becoming the dominant species.

        Golgafrinchan and proud!

    Meanwhile Putin cackles madly to himself while muttering something about "the plan".

      Classic Putin!!

    I still don't understand why the Japanese believe her to be ripe for anime-fication...
    She looks no different to any other reasonalby attractive caucasian woman anywhere throughout the world.

      My guess it has something to do with the uniform she's wearing in the first picture. Reminds me a little of Full Metal Alchemist.

        Yeah she's basically Riza Hawkeye in real form.

          I thought she looked like Mia Fey from Ace Attorney

            Better than Calista Flatstick, in that TV show, Ally McNail

      Ah, see there's your mistake, you said, "Understand" and "the Japanese" in the same sentence. ;-P

        Reminds me of this:

      The real question is what ISN'T ripe for anime-fication nowadays. Considering anime has more genres/stereotypes that you can poke a stick at.

      Someone that young and pretty in a Prosecutor uniform? It's an Ace Attorney wet dream.

      The years of experience and competition necessary to get into a prominent military position like that means that the person is probably more likely to look like they're 30-45, not 18-25.

        She is like 32 - 33

          She looks young. I love how everyone jumps on with her age and ignores my point about contrast and "older than that".

      The difference between her and "any other reasonalby attractive caucasian woman" is the fact that she is in a position of power.

      Don't you think if Hillary Clinton was a hot babe Japanese would have made a long running anime series based on her too??

      Go watch Full Metal Alchemist. She looks A LOT like one of the amazingly OP women in that.

    I don't get why forum posts are reported on. Is there a Japanese site that sums up all the kotaku comments?

      I suppose if we were directly responsible for something news/interesting then they would.

    Listening to '22' By Lily Allen whilst looking at that picture and a picture of Putin nearly killed me lol

    You have to admit, she is a lot better looking than our attorney general...............maybe if we give our George a wig and some lipstick?? Then the Japanese will draw us like they draw their Crimean girls??

    Wow you americans are pathetic. You believe everything your media tells you.
    US cant do anything to Russia.
    Crimea is Russian.
    US should stay out of Europe's business.

      ummmmmmmmmmm, SUPER Awkward... But this is & we are (mostly) Australian.
      Good for you though sport!

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