Games Still Get More Money Than Anything Else On Kickstarter

Games Still Getting More Money Than Anything Else on Kickstarter

Kickstarter just let the world know that it has pulled in more than $US1 billion dollars for thousands of crowdfunding projects since the company launched. And the category that raked in the most cash? Games, once again, to the tune of $US215.75 million.

That number includes campaigns for both digital and non-digital games. It's telling to look at stats and see that while Film & Video projects garnered almost as much money, the number of launched projects in that category is more than three times that in the games category. On average, the people behind cinematic ideas might be asking for less money per campaign than the would-be game-makers are. Games rank seventh on the Successfully Funded Projects list but boast 30 projects that pulled in $US1 million or more dollars, including high-profile earners like Ouya, Double Fine Adventure/Broken Age and Wasteland 2.

Games Still Getting More Money Than Anything Else on Kickstarter

But, there's another side to all that money coming in, of course. Some successfully funded projects miss their release dates or get stalled in development for various complicated reasons. Despite the reasons that you might have to be hopeful for Kickstarter-funded video games in the future, it's best to remember that backing any crowdfunding endeavour is a roll of the dice that may involve a long or fruitless wait for an actual thing to materialise.


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