Here's The First Trailer For Batman: Arkham Knight

Via the PlayStation Blog, here's the first trailer for the newly announced Batman: Arkham Knight, to be released later this year for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Driveable Batmobile!


    Damn this looks so good.

      Looks pretty ordinary to me. And the characters models have lost that on-the-edge-of-insanity look that they were going for in Arkham Asylum.

      Now it just looks like a typical comic book game with typical comic book characters.

    Another pre rendered cutscene for another Batman game that will probably be exactly the same as the game that came before it. Forgive me for not being too excited.

      You are not forgiven. The Batman games are the best of the generation.

      No, I've never heard of opinions, there is only fact or not fact :-)

        Unless you're talking about Arkham Origins. It was a bit poo.

      According to the Game Informer article this is in engine and no more CGI cutscenes either.

        Even if that's the case, there's an appalling lack of gameplay in video game trailers these days. I'm not interested in seeing a cutscene that probably won't even be in the game, rendered or not. I want to see the game in action. These kinds of trailers do nothing for me.

    I hope they make the Arthas fight memorable....

    Why is he driving an armour-plated Zonda? What was wrong with the design they had in the past Arkham games?

      Considering that the last time we saw that one it was driving right into the Gotham river, I think he had to move on from that one. I don't think his insurance covers ramming Bane into the water after bursting through a wall.

        Indeed, I just have an issue with the aesthetic. I suppose he wanted something a bit beefier to deal with all those villains working together... at least it's got no wobbly wing-flaps or glowing engines, I guess.

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