Short Horror Movie Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On, Forever

Short Horror Movie Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On, Forever

Swedish animator and filmmaker David F. Sandberg made this short horror flick a few months back, but it's only just started getting some traction online in the last few days. With good reason.

I normally can't stand horror stuff, but this one was short enough to stomach. Once. After that, it's all nope nope nope, and I'm never turning my lights off ever again.


    That was bloody awesome especially for such a simple concept. Hell it gets the goosebumps going in the first 5 seconds and had the horror buff in me going yesyesyes the whole way through. Although the monster/thing/whatever it was does look a bit ridiculous at the end.

      That is the failing of EVERY monster horror film, it's scary right up until the climax when they show the monster and... it's lame. Would have been so much better if all you saw was a hand turning the light off at the end.

    I sent you guys a message about this and I'm sure many agree. The US site is destroying suspense with their addiction to gifs at the lead of the story, can we delete them when transferring across to our Aussie site. This one took away from the first hair raising moment and was unnecessary. They also ruing the GTA stunt videos by both explaining the money shot and then gifing it.

      Seconded. Its getting to the point that i can read the entire article before a huge stupid gif loads.

      Enough with the gifs. its 2014 not 2000.

        I am sick of gifs too, make me want to vomit most of the time.

    This one is great too.

    Though it's pretty much a textbook horror sequence, the build up was good but the ending was a bit ridiculous and made me laugh. I was expecting something a bit more punchier given the lead up.

    I would be hiding under the covers chanting "There's no place like home, There's no place like home."

    Ha ha good one.
    The funniest thing I've seen all day, thanks. /not sarcasm

      Wow no sarcasm you must be soo big and strong because you laugh in the face off horror

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