Kids’ ‘Call Of Duty Bomb’ Gets Neighbours Evacuated At 3am

Kids’ ‘Call Of Duty Bomb’ Gets Neighbours Evacuated At 3am
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Some kids in Pennsylvania made a prop bomb they were using when they played a real-life game of Call of Duty out in the yard. This is why you don’t leave your toys laying around outside, boys. A neighbour found it, didn’t know what the hell it was, and a very real bomb squad evacuated several people.

This has a happy ending, and no one has been charged with anything (nor are any charges expected), but it was kind of tense for a while. As you can see in the image above, the “bomb” is just a soda bottle wrapped in duct tape, albeit with a circuit board and some wires running up under the bottlecap. It was found at by a woman outside her door at 3am in a public housing complex in Masontown, Pennsylvania.

“It was very scary,” Mary Strube told WPXI. “I didn’t know if it was going to go off.” Another neighbour said “it had all the makings of being a bomb.”

Strube called the police, and several residents were evacuated — again, at 3 a.m. — as the cops investigated the matter. A bomb squad called in from another county determined it was fake and, says WPXI, police later learned some kids were playing “Call of Duty” IRL and made the “bomb” before leaving it outside by mistake.

Everyone get your killstreak reward jokes in now. I have high expectations of you all on this.

Bomb squad called after kids mimicking video game built fake bomb [WPXI-TV]


    • Well if the kids were inside in front of there computers where they were meant to be the neighbours would all the had a good night sleep. Nothing good ever comes from going outside, no matter how much proof I show my psychologist she stills says I’m the crazy one??

  • Back in my day me and my friends used to play banjo zooi and twoi. There wernt a lot of complete jigsaw puzzles around……

  • “A bomb squad called in from another county”

    I thought America would be the experts in this by now.

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