Probably The Worst Diary Of Anne Frank Cover Ever

Probably the Worst Diary of Anne Frank Cover Ever

Usually, covers of The Diary of Anne Frank feature black and white photos of its author, Anne Frank. Or, you might see tasteful illustrations. You don't usually see photos like this!

In South Korea, these are the kind of covers you'll typically see for The Diary of Anne Frank (aka The Diary of a Young Girl).

Probably the Worst Diary of Anne Frank Cover Ever

As recently pointed out by Korean-born Twitter user Che_SYoung, a version of this book was apparently released in South Korea years ago by an unscrupulous publisher:

Probably the Worst Diary of Anne Frank Cover Ever

It looks like a Harlequin romance novel! For the past few years, the image of this cover has been floating around online (as I mentioned, it is supposedly real!), and it even pops up when you Google Image search The Diary of Anne Frank in Korean:

Probably the Worst Diary of Anne Frank Cover Ever

Sigh. Of course, folks in South Korea are puzzled by this cover as well.



    Well there seems to be ample questions about the authenticity of the work perpetuated by Otto Frank so why would a fake cover matter?

      sure, if you literally take the word of neofascists like Harald Nielsen over the research of people like Simon Wiesenthal. go nuts.

        You fail to recognise that the Holocaust never happened. The Nazis simply a good-hearted social cooperative. Hitler was a gentle soul who simply wanted to bring the gentle German agrarian lifestyle to the other people of Europe, but was viciously opposed when he sent combine harvesters into their countries to assist their downtrodden peasants. The Blitz was simply his attempt to deliver mass loads of fertilizer to the starving British, but for some reason the Brits sent out warplanes to shoot down the pesticide spray planes.

        (I have to say, though, this is something of a record for wandering off topic for Kotaku.)

          Brain Ashcraft wandering off topic with non gaming related recycled Japanese news items?!! NO WAY.
          & I had assumed this was the cover for the upcoming Anne Frank JRPG from Square Enix :/

        Nice use of extreme examples to build your point. As I said plenty of questions. To think otherwise would be fatuous. For the record, I also question the authorship of works attributed to Shakespeare but hey that's me.

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