The Future Of Virtual Reality: Tours Of Supermarkets

When you think of virtual reality what kind of areas would you like to explore? Sun drenched beaches, moments in history? Futuristic environments?

How about... the Supermarket. Coles? Woolworths? You'll never spend half an hour looking for broccoli again.

I'm still trying to work out what in the hell this is supposed to be. Marketing for UK Supermarket Tesco? Marketing in general? A pitchy thing from a digital advertising agency? I think the latter is the most likely solution. This seems like the work of some post-modern Don Draper trying to sell brands on the potential of virtual reality as advertising.

It's a bit weird really. But it could be a brief glimpse into a nightmare world where we actually have to walk around inside commercials. Oh man. Imagine a free to play game where you had to walk through Coles on virtual tour with Curtis Stone before you were able to play Minecraft?

That would be it for me. That would be the end of gaming.



    The last thing my cynicism needs is this.
    life from walking through the streets to youtube we are always being sold shit. Enoughs enough.
    gaming already is pushing it with micro transaction and v drinks cross promotion.

    Well, it'd not really be an efficient way to shop online so whilst that feels like a realistic reason to build something like this, it'd ultimately be something I'd not believe. After all if you're going to do a shop without going, why make people walk around for the same amount of time? I man there is the hope of getting them to notice other stuff they could spend more money on but an efficiently arranged list of products would do the job pretty much as well without them having to buy special hardware.

    If it comes down to the interactive ad bollocks, take the same approach you'd do now, say "you know what, this looks like it might be cool but its not worth my time wading through the lake of shit to get to the fun bit", send the company an email telling them why you're not doing it and find something else to do.

    Chances are it's just an ad agency up its own arse with how clever they are

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    I can see this being used as potential training to cheat at a future version of "Supermarket Sweep"

    Wouldn't surprise me if they did. Might be a bit more subtle, but the fact is television advertising revenue has been steadily decreasing with our generation being locked to mobile phone/computer screens more often than not. Internet and virtual advertising might be the next big thing.

    From a marketing standpoint this could be used to track customer line of sight and where to put products that the company wants to market and hide those they don't want to sell.

    You're still gonna be stuck behind someone at the self serve checkout who doesn't know how to put the bananas in the bag.


    Oh Jesus. Now I gotta wait for the attendant. *throws oculus across the room*

    Here's a true story...

    Back when I was living in Australia and flatting, my flatmate and I were putting silly ideas together, he was working on websites for shopping and marketing and I was dabbling in the half life editor, making stupid levels and experimenting. Then bam, "would 3d shopping work?" we thought.

    We nutted it out, had a look at " Ok, say if you're cruising around in the virtual store, you see something, walk up to it and click it, link opens and takes you to the details" etc etc.

    It was going to be a thing, we were keen on the idea and he had some "business buddies and contacts" that he was talking with about it. Not exactly sure what happened though, he ended up getting married and I moved to NZ and got hitched.... True story!

    After watching the video two times I still don't understand the point of it.

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