When We Can Start Playing The Elder Scrolls Online

When We Can Start Playing The Elder Scrolls Online

It’s almost time for the massive invasion of Tamriel by the combined forces of PC and Mac massively multiplayer online role-playing gamers. Zenimax has revealed the dates and times servers are opening up for the early access and official launch of The Elder Scrolls Online.

The exact timing on server openings for the MMO extension of the popular RPG series depends on when and how players purchase the game. If they preordered from Bethesda directly, they get five days’ worth of early access, while retail preorders only scored three days. Everyone else waits until April 4.

Here’s the full list of launch times, posted last week during a Reddit AMA with the Zenimax Online folks (via Polygon).

For 5 day early access:

  • North America (East): 7:00 AM EDT, Sunday March 30th —
  • UK/IE: 12:00 PM WEST, Sunday March 30th —
  • Central Europe: 1:00 PM CEST, Sunday March 30th —
  • Sydney, Australia: 10:00 PM AEDT, Sunday March 30th —
  • Singapore: 7:00 PM SGT, Sunday March 30th —

For 3 day early access:

  • North America (East): 7:00 AM EDT, Tuesday April 1st —
  • UK/IE: 12:00 PM WEST, Tuesday April 1st —
  • Central Europe: 1:00 PM CEST, Tuesday April 1st —
  • Sydney, Australia: 10:00 PM AEDT, Tuesday April 1st —
  • Singapore: 7:00 PM SGT, Tuesday April 1st —

…and for launch:

  • North America (East): 7:00 PM EDT, Thursday, April 3rd —
  • UK/IE: 12:00 AM WEST, Thursday, April 4th —
  • Central Europe: 1:00 AM CEST, Thursday, April 4th —
  • Sydney, Australia: 10:00 AM AEDT, Thursday, April 4th —
  • Singapore: 7:00 AM SGT, Thursday, April 4th

Yikes, 7:00 AM on a Sunday or Tuesday for early access? For once players are probably better off just waiting for the full launch of The Elder Scrolls Online on April 4.

For those of you waiting on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, we’ll check back with you folks in June.


    • Yeah neither. The beta felt pretty eh. Don’t think i could spend countless hours playing yet another skyrim game whilst paying monthly for it.

      • To me it didn’t feel like an Elder Scrolls game (been playing Elder Scrolls since Arena)…felt like a face lifted Everquest IMO, just didn’t have the “feel” I was used to and I couldn’t play my usual assassin/stealth/thief class as I do with most of the previous games so felt a bit cheated there LOL

        • Same here, particularly considering love my archery/sniping and am not happy about the limitless supply of homing arrows for archers. I’ll prolly still play this but not for about 5-6 months. I want to see how it evolves– hopefully with more of an Elder Scrolls feel rather than a generic-y WOW/EQ one.

    • I loved the first beta test I got into last month. The second one I got into a week later felt “meh”. The third one I didn’t even bother playing.

  • Cool, I guess. There’s not much of a hype ball rolling, I feel.

    PvP will be broken day 1 anyway, and for the forseeable future. Beta testing means that people know everything. There is a dude I know who is making his own private wiki for every single equipment stat and how it works, without having the official info from devs. He’s spending a ton of time to max out the potential of his character. Crazy stuff.

    • Isn’t that just like in every MMO though? Crazy obsessives combing through documents to absolutely max out their build and beat everybody else and be first?

  • I think the monthly subscription is gonna lose a lot of people. That’s the thing that’s holding me back.

  • Wow…..10pm on a Sunday. Could it be a more annoying time for us Full-Time workers 🙂

  • I for one will be playing day one – I enjoyed my time is ESO and Cyrodiil was a blast! There seems to be a lot of detractors, but I still believe it will have the numbers to be successful. Generally what happens is, if you are satisfied with a product you keep quiet and just keep doing the the thing you were doing, whilst those that find issue with a product be it minor (sub fees) or otherwise will talk about it, and when someone comes to the defence they are generally just tar-brushed with fanboy and the like.

    • They have countered this by having some F2P style things off the bat like Paywalling the Imperials.

  • Wow. That’s… soon. I haven’t seen or heard any advertising for it at all.

    That’s not a good sign.

  • All playing the ES:O beta has done for me is make me realize how amazing Guild Wars 2 is, now I’m well and truly back into that!

  • I’m only getting it for the awesome CE Statue…just goes to show where my priorities are. XP

  • LOL subscription fee.

    10:1 it’ll be F2P within 12 months due to nobody being willing to pay $180 a year to play lame, boring, sub-par online Skyrim (which wasn’t great either, but that’s another story).

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