When You're Mistakenly Angered By Man Nipples

When You're Mistakenly Angered by Man Nipples

Underwear company Hong Kong Beautiful Chest Queen specialises in bras that make your breasts bigger — even dude's boobs. But you know man breasts when you see them, right?

In Changsha, China, one shopper wasn't happy with the beautiful chests running on television screens in a shopping arcade.

The push-up bra ads were running in a public shopping area which has 40 screens. In one part of the commercial, the announcer says, "Wow, even a man can wear this and have wonderful cleavage."

In the commercial, you can briefly see man nipple.

One shopper — who is called "Ms Chen" on popular Chinese sites like Sohu.com — apparently got upset and complained. She said there were students who frequented the shopping area and wondered if advertisers had any morals.

"Showing a scene in public where a female model reveals a nipple is a really bad influence," Ms Chen is quoted as saying. "What if children saw this?"

Here is a section of the commercial (the full ad runs around a minute and is filled with cleavage). See if you can spot the man nipple!

A distributor for the bra confirmed that, yes, this is a man.

If you're not paying close attention or can't hear the announcer, the way the commercial is edited does make it look like a female is exposing her chest.

"The commercial begins with female models and ends with female models," one unnamed passer-by is quoted as saying. "The point where they show the nipple goes by real fast, it might cause confusion to viewers because you don't see the model's face."

While the shopping street has previously screened the commercial and thought it was ok because the ad showed male nipples, the complaint caused the commercial, which runs on late night television, to be removed from the monitors in the shopping street.

长沙某商场播放露点内衣广告?厂商:模特是男的(图) [Sohu.com]

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

Video: Youku


    This really highlights the stupidity of the different ideas society has on male and female breasts. "Don't worry ma'am, it was only a man after all. Those nipples aren't the ones we all fear children seeing."

    Wheres the NSFW tag? where do i make a complaint?

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