Boy's Dying Wish Was For A Star Wars Funeral

Boy's Dying Wish Was For A Star Wars Funeral

Jack Robinson, from Portsmouth, England, was just four years old when he died earlier this month of an inoperable brain tumour. It's the most tragic of passings, but if there's any consolation to be had from such sadness, it's that Jack's dying wish (well, wishes) were granted.

Jack's parents, Terence and Marie, had helped him (and themselves) prepare by putting together a bucket list. Jack being four, he wanted to meet a pop star (he met Gary Barlow, formerly of Take That), have Doctor Who sing him the show's theme song (which the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, duly did), and be buried with a Star Wars funeral.

Jack's coffin, draped in a Star Wars logo, was carried in a horse-drawn carriage, which was flanked by Stormtroopers. An R2-D2 model was also present at the ceremony, where a band played Star Wars music and flowers were arranged in the shape of Yoda, R2-D2 and a lightsabre.

Jack's family have nominated three charities for those wishing to donate or fundraise. They can be found here.

Emotional goodbye to four-year-old Jack Robinson [Portsmouth News, via Geekologie]

Boy's Dying Wish Was For A Star Wars Funeral


    Oh man it's really dusty in here, kinda hurts the eyes....

    Last edited 17/04/14 10:09 pm

    Had to mentally wince when they mentioned Star Wars music, as the first tune that came to mind was the Cantina tune. Not very funeral-ish, brain!

      lol just imagining the father turning to the mother "HE DOESNT LIKE YOU!.... I DONT LIKE YOU EITHER!" lol

        Ahahaha, shit, you shouldn't make me laugh like that on such a heavy article!

          Could be worse... when the mother, father and priest are up the front, the Priest could solemnly look out at everyone, put his hand on the fathers shoulder and...


            HAve someone in C-3PO cosplay translating.

    My sons at his mothers place til sunday. I could really use a hug from him right now.

    Here's Matt Smiths video to the poor young boy...

    What an amazing family to pull together and do this for their son though, seriously. Absolutely fantastic.

    Thank you for this article Luke, it puts a lot in perspective mate. A lot.

    Can't help but feel they missed a trick by not having a Frozen Carbonite casket though, just saying.

    Whether intentional or not, the guy at the back of the last image bears a passing resemblance to George Lucas

    I'm assuming it was the 501st Legion and R2 Builders involved.

    Oh my. this has got to be the best funeral wish ever!!! Shame that the kid never got to see this. :'(

    Last edited 18/04/14 9:10 am

    Rest in peace, Jack. God....Just 4 years old, he never even got to start school ; (

    Truly a tragedy. Good on all of those who made his wishes come true, at least there is a little solace in this.

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