The Best Clone Wars Cartoon Is Coming Back

The Best Clone Wars Cartoon Is Coming Back
Screenshot: Clone Wars
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I have no problem with the big, shiny Clone Wars cartoon that ran from 2008-2020. But that series’ success came at the expense of an older Clone Wars show that, having been thrown into Disney’s Great Pit Of Cartoon, is finally going to get the comeback it has long deserved.

On April 2 Disney is adding a bunch of Star Wars projects to its Disney Plus streaming service, and among them are stuff like the Ewoks movies and the Ewoks animated series. But they’re also adding Star Wars: Clone Wars. Not the big one, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, that’s always been there. They’re adding 2003’s Star Wars: Clone Wars, a series both created and then drawn by Samurai Jack’s Genndy Tartakovsky, and which has languished unloved — out of print on DVD and unavailable to stream — for over a decade.

It ruled. The show was comprised of a series of short, hyper-focused episodes, each one a vignette depicting one tiny aspect of the larger Clone Wars.

Some are heart-warming, others provide insights into parts of Star Wars larger projects have never bothered to look. But for the most part, the show was just badass, showing both Jedi and Clone Troopers at the absolute peak of their powers, able to pull off shit that not even George Lucas at his most bombastic would even have dared have them do (or be able to pull off with even half of Tartakovsky’s style).

I could post loads of examples of this, but to keep things short let’s just look at two.

The first: ladies and gentlemen, the Clone Troopers:

And the second, a sequence where Mace Windu does some shit.

Ah, God, it’s so good. I can’t wait to get back to it, since I’ve only been able to relive it in shitty YouTube clips for the longest time. And I’m so glad that, 18 years after its first release, a whole new generation of Star Wars fans — many of whom may never have seen the entirety of this series — will get to experience it.


  • I’ve still got the dvds, but it’ll be great to finally be able to stream them. They originally premiered week by week online for subscribers, then released free to watch for non paying members a few weeks later. So I guess -The Circle is now complete.

  • The best Clone Wars is a bold claim, but if we’re making potentially controversial takes, I say we go all in and call it the best Star Wars.

      • I mean if you combined the ending credits of the 9 main films alone, probably about 40 minutes worth, conservatively – you could probably fit at least 1/3 of the CW eps into that. All killer, no filler.

  • Yeah, no. Lacking Nostalgia Filters since I first watched it prior to bingeing the CG Clone Wars a few years back, I can honestly say that the CG one is definitely better. Except for the Droids episodes. And most of the Jar Jar ones. It doesn’t even come remotely close to the Mortis arc, or Ahsoka’s trial, much less the Maul arcs.

    The whole Anakin getting tribal tattoos in order to show his balance of the force was soooooooooooo bad.

    Still, it gave us Ventress which is one thing in its favour.

  • I remember this show mostly for selling General Grievous as a complete badass only for him to be a complete shadow of his Clone Wars incarnation in the actual movie.

    • Haha, couldn’t agree more. It’s like Mace Windu force-squeezed the badass out of him. Also, the second series of the show, where it actually counts down the events prior to ep 3 is so very good. It’s the big and ballsy kind of Joseph Campbell storytelling that made A New Hope so good and which they’ve never really managed to capture, elsewhere.

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