Dark Souls II On PC Vs PS3

Dark Souls II On PC Vs PS3

Now that you’ve seen the customisation options available in the PC version of Dark Souls II, why not see how it stacks up against the PS3 versiontoo? This video by IGN is especially useful if you’re on the fence about which version to buy (and are a stickler for graphics).

If you’re more interested in comparison stills, make sure to go here — but, if you’d like a small taste:


Dark Souls II On PC Vs PS3


Dark Souls II On PC Vs PS3

Hopefully this helps!


  • Oh wow they screwed up with the PC version. The textures on the characters skin looks awful!

    • Heh.

      (Oh, and just to subvert Poe’s Law, in case someone reading isn’t familiar: the character is hollowed in the second shot. Also, down a few lifegems and with a broken weapon. Something Bad Happened.)

  • slightly higher res textures & AA on the PC version.
    other than that, I cant see much of a difference.

    Edit: having said that though, hopefully the improved lighting effects for the PC version have been left in & can be re-enabled via modding…?

      • So those gorgeous tech demos and early press demos we saw will have to wait til Dark Souls 3 or when they port create next-gen console versions?

        OK, fuck everyone involved in this bullshit. This is not how this shit is meant to go down. It is ass-about-backwards. Why the FUCK can’t developers/publishers have the BALLS to say they’re sick of the taste of console-manufacturer cock? I am sick of this shit. The technology was there. IT WAS RIGHT THERE, WE SAW IT. Why isn’t it now available? What was so catastrophically wrong with it that they couldn’t release it? That it would only work in the hands of the few people they let try it? Or was it all just LIES? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

        No. It makes so little logical sense that it has to be money. Anytime something doesn’t make any fucking sense, there’s money moving around somewhere behind the scenes, this can only be the case here. And who wants to bet on whether we’ll get fed some morally-indefensible excuse about ‘parity’? IF they could be fucking bothered to give us an excuse at all.

        • If they put that shit on PS4, you know what that would mean?
          I’d probably buy a PS4, to be honest.


            Seriously though, if it’s a market manipulation/money thing instead of incompetence, I harbour some pretty significant ill-will toward the people responsible.

        • Here’s my thought:

          The PC version probably makes them a fraction of the revenue of the console versions so why pump in an inordinate amount of resources on optimising for a small proportion of an already minor audience (ie: the High-end user)

    • Yeah. There’s nothing knocking my socks off here. It’s noticeably sharper, and you’d definitely feel the fuzziness going back to the PS3 version from the PC, but the quantum leap in dynamic lighting/godrays just isn’t there.

      The motion is interesting in the clip. Did they lock both of to the same framerate, you reckon? I’d want to see what the PC version can do at at least 60fps or higher. Maybe they didn’t have a beefy enough PC for that.

      • while I’m in no way bashing either version, I’ve gotta admit that this is an incredibly valid point.

  • Is there a DSfix update good to go for Dark Souls II? I will be all about that if so!

  • In my honest opinion I play games for content, not the one that looks “prettier”. If the game has depth and substance to it you tend to overlook the fact that it isn’t graphically enhanced. I guess that is why I didn’t jump on the bandwagon with the whole PS4 hype train.

  • I guess that since it’s a Japanese developer, they don’t have the PC skills or the market (PC Japan in Japan = visual novels and porn) to justify it being Crysis levels of sexy. Oh well, it still looks fine to me. Hope they do a PS4 release at least.

  • The takeaway: the PS3 version looks amazing considering it’s running on 8 year old hardware.

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