Diablo III's Endgame, Cleared Insanely Fast

Reaper of Souls introduced huge, randomised dungeons called Nephalem Rifts to Diablo 3. One run usually takes more than 10 minutes, depending on the difficulty level. Well, here's one Korean gamer who completes a relatively huge dungeon in under four minutes on Torment difficulty.

This will make you cry if you're doing these runs, hoping for better gear and loot.

The weapon he's using is the "Wand of Woh", but you can check out his profile over here. Sadly it's in Korean, but if you're familiar with Diablo III items, you'll recognise most of them. And here's the build he's using. These might come in handy if you want to build a similarly powerful wizard.

Diablo III 2014 04 07 20 43 09 952 [YouTube]


    clearing endganme content with a lvl31 wand doing ~29-80 DPS?

    Edit: I have no idea what's going on with the differences between his profile & what the item page says.

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      Legendaries scale to your level when they drop. So that will have level 70 stats and the chain explosion bonus.

      The profile version of his weapon does 2186.6 damage, gives 685 intelligence and other stuff that I can't work out. Most importantly, it has a socket and a flawless royal emerald which gives massive crit damage. Odds are it also gives cool down reduction because that's the style these days.

      I don't read Korean, I just play a lot of Diablo.

      Legendaries are kind of rad. They let you do crazy builds like this.

    I've cleared neph rifts in that time with a few people, but to do it by yourself is pretty cool.

    Too bad there's an achievement for clearing a rift in under 2 minutes. I've never even been close.

      If you mainly just want to get that achievement out of the way you could try the following trick.

      1. Start a game with a level 1 toon at torment 6 (mainly for the gold but also the lols)
      2. Have a friend/clan mate join your game.
      3. Swap out to your best toon.
      4. Have said friend/clan mate leave the game (unless they want to join you).
      5. Have fun blasting through a rift with everything dying in one hit and if you have thorns they'll do from that instantly as well.

        The game has been scaling to the highest level character in the game for me.

    Also a bit of RNG involved, some rifts are densely populated and long and some are sparse and short, i'm sure you run enough and you will get the right setup though

    That wand is some kind of crazyness. Gimmegimmegimme

    Nothing special here, he's playing on torment 1, my barb's sneezes kill mobs at torment 1. I'd like to see him solo at least torment 3 and try to blaze through it.

      It looks crazy. Meanwhile the top DPS profile does more than twice that damage :O


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