11 Things You Might Not Know About Game Of Thrones

With the new season of Game of Thrones around the corner, it seems like a good time to look back on some fun facts about the show, no? This collection of trivia by BuzzFeedVideo spans both the show and the books.

It includes stuff like:

  • Where George R.R. Martin got the idea for the books
  • How popular certain names from the show became in real life
  • How someone on the show adopted a direwolf
  • What George R. R. Martin has done in case he dies before finishing the books
  • How a lost best affected the show
  • A toilet incident with Emilia Clarke
  • Some fun particulars about Dothraki

And more. And just in case you knew all of that, here are ten more facts from Alltime10s — a couple are repeats from the first video, but there are a bunch of fresh facts, too, ranging from former porn stars on the show to theories about Westero's peculiar winter seasons.

Hype! Are y'all ready for the new season? Did you know all this trivia? I'm particularly amused by the gummy bear heart + toilet incident — makes me wonder what some of the other stuff in the show is made out of.

11 Must-Know Facts About "Game Of Thrones" [BuzzFeedVideo]


    Well I'm off to buy game of bones now.........thanks for the heads up.

      Man I love parody porn. Get Scooby-Doo it's great for the family!

    It's like someone turned the IMDB trivia section into a video.

    One thing you would have -actually hoped- these two videos would have mentioned is why he wrote them as books, instead of a TV series.

    Producers kept telling him off for trying to kill off characters. Due to the whole 'people love their characters' trope, and 'do you realise how much it costs to get an actor in just for a few episodes!?'

    I thought it was pretty much well known that he stopped writing for TV because the budget constraints limited his creativity. So he wrote an unfilmable book series.....which later became a TV show and got him in to script the harder episodes.

    "How popular certain names from the show became in real life" - Its funny you mention that because ive spent the last week at work wearing a nametag that says "HODOR".

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