Every Stage In The New Smash Bros. Can Turn Into Final Destination

Every Stage In The New Smash Bros. Can Turn Into Final Destination

Good news, hardcore fans: Now there are online modes specifically for you (but, don’t worry, there is something for more casual fans too). More specifically, there is a ‘For Fun’ mode, and a ‘For Glory’ mode.

The For Glory mode will be Final Destination only, since that’s the popular ‘serious’ stage to play on — and every stage will have a ‘Final Destination’ form that is meant for more hardcore play. Whoa.

Every Stage In The New Smash Bros. Can Turn Into Final Destination
Every Stage In The New Smash Bros. Can Turn Into Final Destination


  • I’d like a third option to be somewhere between these two…

    You can play “serious” and still want some items or still play on other stages, for example.

      • What I’m saying is that, the items actually provide an element of strategy. While I appreciate the most hardcore of tournament players want them off because they don’t want any random elements to be deciding the fight, there is actually a strategy involved in picking up the items and how you use them.

        And this is what I’m talking abut. I don’t mean to replace either of these modes, I’m just talking about providing something in between, where perhaps everyone vetos the items and stages they don’t want (perhaps they get 3 vetoes each or something) and then go from there.

        • I agree so hard. I was recently in a small argument with some people about Smash Bros and items. They were trying to claim that the random element introduced by items takes away from the skill and strategy of the game. I think if your strategy count account for random elements then you’re not really that good of a strategist, and how good are you really if you can’t react to the sudden appearance of an item?

          • Don’t get me wrong, in a competitive environment you don’t want one player gaining a large advantage just because they happen to be standing near an item spawn at the time. Stuff like the health regen items would be definitely broken, for example, as well as anything that can insta-kill (that doesn’t have a long and very obvious charge-up time, that is). So if you want to play serious and competitive, but still want the use of items, you can have a separate mode where all players have x amount of vetoes for items they don’t want, and away you go.

            Same thing with stages, veto out the ones you don’t want, and go for it. Some stages are definitely not conducive to competitive play, but other stages are perfectly fine for it.

            Not all competitive play needs to be on Final Destination with all items disabled.

  • It’d be nice if For glory mode also included Battlefield stages as well (meaning fields with 3 floating platforms like the kirby tree level and stuff)

    But otherwise its a fantastic idea, finally sakurai recognises competitive smash.

    • think about it as a n advancement, instead of having to listen to whiners about how the game is unbalanced with items and stage hazards, they can go to their own area and you can go to yours, never having to deal with them. everyone’s happy with this.

      • In a way I agree with you but in another way I also find it pointless. As there’s still a good chance people will complain about this option (find me one thing you think is balanced and I’ll find you someone complaining about it). Even so, people will still go out of the way to deconstruct and rebuild the game to their liking so that they’re personally happy regardless of everybody else.

        It was a huge problem I had with Halo 3 and Reach. All people did was complain about how shit the maps were and how superior Halo 2 was. Even though both games had Forge, a mode where you can change and alter each map however you want, yet nobody really tried to do anything with it. The most anybody ever did was just rebuild Halo 2 maps and nothing else. Which kind of defeats the entire purpose of sequels and even Forge if you’re just going to do the same thing you’ve already done.

        Which also brings up the complacent problem of everybody just replaying the same game from 10 years ago. Why bother buying the new Smash Brothers game, if everybody is just going to play Melee?
        They should look into a way to expand the series to find new forms of competitive play and encourage other people to try it. Like say, exploring how items and stage hazards can be triggered by the players instead of being random. Then you open up other elements of gameplay like trying to figure out which character is best or how to use your character to keep the other players away while you trigger these items or events, and maybe even how to defend against other characters who can easily disrupt your attempts at doing so.

        • Like say, exploring how items and stage hazards can be triggered by the players instead of being random.

          Several stages in Brawl had traps/hazards that needed to be triggered by players. There were also stages in Melee such as Green Greens that had specific areas where the player could trigger something.

          • But you should now edit and design where and what items can come into play or which stage events can happen.

          • Brawl had a level editor where you could build your own stages to do just that.

        • Why bother buying the new Smash Brothers game, if everyone is just going to play Melee?
          I’m still asking myself that about Brawl.

  • I’m sorry but I have to ask. Why doesn’t the “For Glory” mode limit the character selection to Fox only as well?



  • Oh, I thought this was going to be some kind of mode inspired by the movies. It would be interesting to see how you could use the idea of avoiding Death by remembering when he’s going to come after you and switching the order around by saving someone.

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