Everything Wrong With The Captain America Movie Only Takes 12 Minutes?

Everything Wrong With The Captain America Movie Only Takes 12 Minutes?

With Captain America: Not A Condensed Origin Story hitting theatres later this week, it’s time to reflect on all the things the first movie got wrong. Or jut skim over them, because 12 minutes is way too short.

Cinema Sins, you slackers.

I’m not saying Captain America: The First Avenger was a horrible film; I quite liked it, actually. I just liked it in that ‘holding your hand to the screen, mouth open incredulously the whole time’ sort of way. Or maybe it was just jealousy over not having been injected with a super soldier serum that makes me too pretty for the enemy to shoot at me — I had to rely on nature.


  • ummm captain america was a great movie and I saw the winter soldier on sunday night and its even better. c’mon Kotaku, post shit about games for a damn change and if u really wanna post crap like this at least make it about movies that were actually shit (eg. batman and robin). thanks!

    • Hmmmm… Post about “Games” you say.
      I would like to hear more about these Games that seem so popular. Perhaps one day a website will be created which is dedicated to games and gaming. Imagine it!
      Until then we have Kotaku and it’s 80% (and increasing) ratio of regurgitated 30 second ‘popcorn chicken’ quality crap vs worthwhile content 🙂

    • Good thing that you managed to not make that paragraph sound entirely fanboyish, there.

    • Come on, the first one really sucked.

      And batman and robin was ages ago, irrelevant.

      • no it didn’t… but hey thats your opinion.. and kotaku posted about batman and robin only about 3 weeks ago.

  • Based on most of Cinema Sins videos, 12 minutes puts it into the rank of their longer running videos.

    Just sayin’.

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