Your First Look At The New Captain America Movie

Your First Look At The New Captain America Movie

I love the character of Captain America, and I love Chris Evans’ performance as Cap, but I did feel like Captain America: The First Avenger was probably the weakest of the movies that led to the (admittedly spectacular) Avengers flick. Now the trailer to the next Captain America movie, Captain America: Winter Soldier, has been released and it looks like a massive step up.

I’m liking the whole moral ambiguity thing. And duuuuuude — Robert Redford is in it. Robert Redford. Am I the only one hyped about Robert Redford being in a superhero movie?

Yep, I think I can get excited about this. In general these movies have set a high bar for themselves, no reason to suggest this won’t continue in that vein.


  • FIRST!
    (Opps sorry, I was just over on IGN where, apparently, this is still a thing :oP )

    I didnt mind the 1st Cap. Movie, but I do agree, it was probably the weakest of the Pre-Avengers lineup

    • lol wizz. yeah i didnt realise ppl still did that.

      I wasnt a huge fan of the first one but this one looks heaps better. I like the character of Captain America a lot. He is a true good guy, doesnt have the complications of the others just a good blok trying to do the right at a time when the right thing isnt very clear.

    • Nice to see such differing opinions here. I think Captain was the weakest movie myself. I feel like it will only get worst in the sequel because they can’t seem to bring the “character” of Steve Rogers on to the big screen. He is supposed to be the epitome of leadership and also a brilliant strategist.

      I guess these are simply characteristics that are just too hard to portray effectively.

  • As lame as I personally find Cap to be, I still enjoyed his first film (Schmidt is so much better than Rogers) and the trailer for this one doesn’t look too bad either, I am really hoping they do a good job with Bucky.

  • Hulk was the weakest (if that even counts). The suit is much better than the avengers one and looks to be the best overall. I like there not even hiding the fact that Redford is the villain.

    • “Hulk” (the Eric Bana one) wasn’t the movie that lead into The Avengers. The movie that lead into it was “The Incredible Hulk” (the Edward Norton one).

      The two movies are different and are not related to each other, and it was Edward Norton’s portrayal of the character that Mark Ruffalo’s version in the Avengers movie was based on.

      • I know I just couldn’t be bothered writing the full movie name and thought everyone has forgotten about the Bana version.

      • They are actually kind of related, Incredible Hulk is meant to be a semi-sequel to the first. It also relates to the TV series with some crossover in the origin montage shown in the opening credits featuring similar equipment.

        If it was meant to be a reboot it would have been another full on origin retelling, but instead they skipped through all that and tried to build on it instead of retreading all that stuff again so soon.

        I thought it was ok.

        • It was effectively a reboot though, and you could tell that by the opening montage (the events in the montage do not match up to what happened in “Hulk”). Liv Tyler’s character also has no idea about what Bruce turns into until she witnesses it, but she already saw it in the first movie, so that whole story arc doesn’t make any sense if the two movies were related.

          Yes, it wasn’t so much an “origin” story, but did it really need to be? The opening montage was enough to tell you what happened and how Bruce got the way he was.

          The first movie seemed to start fine, but by the midway point and especially towards the end it just completely lost all direction and Ang Lee seemed to just be making it up as he went along. I really did want to like the movie, since Eric Bana was in it and me being a patriotic Australian and all. The second movie I thought was better.

          Unfortunately though, I don’t think The incredible Hulk on his own makes for a very compelling character to base a whole movie off. I mean, he gets angry, grows big and green and smashes things. That’s his character. It worked in the Avengers, because you had all of the other characters there for him to bounce off, but on his own, there’s not a lot of depth there. He’s probably a classic example of something that works in comic books, and maybe even as a Saturday morning cartoon, but as a feature length movie just falls a little short.

          • Yea that first movie really fell apart, the dogs? Nick Nolte? urgh.

            I think it’s a compelling character, effectively a Jekyl and Hyde type scenario but with a modern twist. He gets angry and turns into a monster that he can’t control, obviously he doesn’t want to be like that because he hurts the people around him and can’t be with the ones he loves. Meanwhile the military is after him so they can exploit him and turn him into a weapon, which he doesn’t want to be a part of, but in order to get away from them he needs to be strong and thus needs the hulk, but at the same time he is struggling to control him and/or get rid of him. Also he needs to try and protect those around him from getting hurt by the military who are doing so to get to him. It’s kind a of a catch 22, he doesn’t want the hulk, but he needs him a the same time.

            There’s a lot you can do with that, the struggle, the inner conflict, the way other people (especially other heroes) deal with him, which was part of the avengers (although they glossed over it waaaay to much).

          • Yep, the term they used at the time was a ‘semi reboot’. They just took a few elements, ‘he’s already the hulk, he’s in south america’ and ran with it. Everything else got shown the door. Worked wonderfully imho.

  • I really enjoyed the first film!

    This looks too generic – could just be a slightly over the top Bourne film, or anything by Michael Bay…

  • Hope this lives up to the comic book story arc, the winter soldier was a fantastic collection. Pretty keen for this one being a big cap fan ๐Ÿ™‚

  • but I did feel like Captain America: The First Avenger was probably the weakest of the movies that led to the (admittedly spectacular) Avengers flick.
    Siiiiiif. Captain America was rad. Thor was easily the weakest of the leadup movies.

      • I think I would agree with that, it was kind of the odd one out (I guess along with ed norton’s Incredible Hulk) as it was a sequel and not an origin story, it was more like an extension of the first IM, nothing really that new.

        Although Sam Rockwell was rad and gives RDJ a run for his money IMO.

        “We got you the birrrd!”

        • I know it’s not a lead-up movie, but I thought Iron Man 3 was the worst.

          I mean, he spends hardly any time in the suit, and what they did to Mandarin was unforgivable.

          • maybe we should all agree that ironman 2 and 3, like indiana jones 4, simply did not happen.
            well….half of 3 didnt happen…the mandarin half.
            the half with the remote controlled armours fighting the extremis enhanced soldiers…yeah that happened ๐Ÿ™‚

          • It is definitely on my worst movies of all time list. There is about 15 mins of redeeming footage in that thing, the rest is garbage.

          • I know what you mean, i feel like they were aware of the similarities between the first 2 and decided to go waaaaay off in another direction. It felt a bit like they were trying to make a comedy first, THEN an action/superhero movie second, which is NOT what made the first IM so successful.

        • if you are going by marvel phase movies. I agree. but of all the marvel movies, I would have to say Howard the Duck *shudders*

        • I never saw it in 3D so i didn’t get a sense of that. I really dug the costumes though, the sets were a little claustrophobic, but that’s what you get when they aren’t prepared to fully blow out the budget. Thor 2 will be much more ‘epic’ (in the true sense of the word) i’m betting.

          I liked that it has a more shakespearian vibe, familial betrayal, kingdoms is balance, corruption, redemption etc, seems a cut above IM and Cap in that department.

  • I loved Thor, didn’t think much of the first Captain America film (not really a big fan of the character), but he redeemed himself in Avengers. This one is looking good, so Ill keep an eye on it. Im pretty disappointed with the feel of The Dark World, and Im a big Sif and Thor fan…

  • For my money, the problem with the first Cap movie was it felt like a “well, we’re doing the Avengers so we better do a Cap movie to establish him first” shrug from Marvel, and that attitude is why it didn’t seem to have much of an identity.

    Even Iron Man 2, for the flack it gets and the forced SHIELD set-up, had a purpose in mind beyond getting ready for the cross-over.

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