Here, Have 52,000 Wallpapers...

DarklinkUK on Reddit has put together quite the collection of Wallpapers. 52,000 of them to be precise. Not all of them are video game focused, but man... if you're searching for a new wallpaper you could do a lot worse.

I'm going to warn you though. This is a time sink. A massive timesink. If you're anything like me you are about to transport yourself into a world of pain, sifting through thousands of wallpapers... image after image. Look for the perfect wallpaper.

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I've done this to you. Please accept my sincerest apologies.


    Willing to bet 50999 of them are all resolutions 1080p or lower, scaling is poop. :P

    No zipped folder with all of them ready for download... Okay, I'll download the first (biggest) 12K image folder. I'll report back on resolutions.

      Can't download, imgur has a "oops, something went wrong" error when inserting email address......... fail.

        I had the same problem then I decided to make an account, it decided to work after I had an account.

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