Ladies And Gentlemen, It’s Magician Randy Pitchford

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Did you know Gearbox Software founder, president and CEO Randy Pitchford started out as a professional magician in Hollywood? He unleashed his magical powers at the Gearbox panel at PAX East earlier today, and the world trembled beneath his might.

Like any good Hollywood magician, Pitchford stole this trick from a fellow magician — Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller fame. Unlike any good Hollywood magician, Randy admits it.

If you watch very closely, you can see a classic bit of misdirection, as well as the ads that kept popping up during the Twitch stream from the event, which I did not attend, or I would be wearing Pitchford’s jacket right now.

For more of the Great and Powerful Randy, check out Pitchford’s illusions from D.I.C.E. 2013.


  • Wonder if the trick would’ve been more fatal if the guy’s phone was so old it couldn’t even fit inside the cup?

  • He makes a swap from the dudes phone to a look a like phone when he puts the golden chain around the dudes head. Look how long he fumbles with the hoodie making the swap. That guy then puts it in the loot box behind stage then brings out the 3 prizes. Random guy then puts cards out of what the prizes are and what their worth. during a close up of Randy Pitchford and the volunteer the random guy puts 3 cards face down that all have loot box on them while the crowd thinks they all have different things on them . Randy Pitchford never lets your see the writings on them so you cant tell. So the volunteer guy is forced to pick the loot box with this phone in it while a look a like phone is smashed in the coffee cup.

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