Mod Makes The Original Deus Ex Look A Lot Nicer

Mod Makes The Original Deus Ex Look A Lot Nicer

Deus Ex: Revision is an ambitious mod that's looking to completely change the way we look at the 2000 classic.

Rather than mess with the game's design, or weapons, or anything else like you'd expect from something like this, Revision's only goal is to update the game's existing visuals (with new lighting, etc) and give it a new and improved soundtrack.

Due out in the "near future", it will also bundle in a few other popular Deus Ex mods, which when all combined should make for a very good reason to revisit the original (which is under $US10 on Steam).

Deus Ex: Revision [Site, via PC Gamer]


    You can't improve the sound track, especially the hong kong Synapsis audio.
    Best game ever.

      Yeah.. quickly lost interest at "improved soundtrack."

      Agreed. Some of those tracks are amazing and it's not like the game had really bad sound quality anyway, they really shouldn't bother with the music imo.

        I didn't like the music when i first played the game, but now I don't want to imagine it any other way. Such a big part of the experience.

        They did the same thing with the HL Black Mesa mod, the new songs were good but the originals were so much better.

      I agree except... there are higher quality versions (recorded at the time) of the title music and IIRC some other tracks out there.

      Here we go:

      Recorded with an actual orchestra, and used on the PS2 release. And utterly awesome.

      So hopefully they just mean this.

        The PS2 release also got some much nicer pre-rendered cutscenes, would have been nice to get those in the PC version.

        Though, the levels were much cut down in the PS2 game.

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