Massive Deus Ex Mod Overhauls Entire Game, Out On Wednesday

This year has seen quite a few stealth and cyberpunk games hit the headlines, although none of them have quite matched the panache — or production values — of the Deus Ex series. That's to be expected, since indies and small studios don't have access to the amount of funds Square Enix can throw at Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

But that hasn't stopped people from realising their vision through different means. And for one team of extremely dedicated modders, that medium is the original Deus Ex — although thanks to the sheer weight of additions, the game is substantially improved.

It's called Deus Ex: Revision, and it's a top-to-bottom re-imagining and re-work of everything from the original, right down to engine-level adjustments to the in-game audio and renderer. And it's a long project too, with Caustic Creators posting the first news about the mod on April 22, 2008.

But the project, the DX modding community and Caustic's efforts have come a long, long way. Here's some shots of the substantial changes they've made:

The official website has a counter that, at the time of writing, has 1 day and over 14 hours remaining. That would put the launch of the mod around 3:00 AM Wednesday, Australian time.

Previous postings on the ModDB page from the team also show that they've been in discussions with Square Enix about ensuring there are no breaches of copyright. It'd be nice to see Square even promote the mod a little — it'd help remind people about Mankind Divided.

It's worth noting that this mod is for the original Deus Ex, not Human Revolution or the much maligned Invisible War. And that's a bit of a shame about the latter — it'd be nice to see that game reworked in a fashion that might make people love it again (honestly, it wasn't that awful).


    It definitely wasn't that awful but people are awfully ignorant, awfully arrogant and awfully judgemental. This is a bad combination of traits usually found in someone who lacks education yet posits objective perspective.

      The internet certainly is quick to the flame.

      i actually enjoyed invisible war much more than i enjoyed Dues EX, but then again im weird as i didnt like half life and found half life 2 to be one of the most boring FPSes ive ever played though i will point out that i love blueshift and opposing forces addons

    Invisible War's biggest problem was that it had to be a follow up to a game of the stature of Deus Ex.

      I couldn't get over the fact that they unified ammo, what were they thinking??!!?

        Wasn't a great idea but it's not like they were the only game ever to do that. No one pilloried Mass Effect 2 and 3 and both games have the same thing.

          Does ammo regen in ME 2 and 3? I never played them.

          It was just annoying that you would fire a rocket launcher and then swap to your pistol and it would be empty.

          Also people are much more accepting of garbage game design these days.

            ME1 had it that your guns heated up and had to be cooled off.

            ME2 and ME3 changed it so that you had disposable heatsinks you could pick up everywhere that were universal for all guns, and they could dissipate a certain amount of heat before you had to reload take them off and replace with a new clipheat sink.

    Anyone know if this will support multiplayer?

      The Steam listing says it does.

        Thanks Alex, well hot-dang! This will go off at future LAN parties!

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