Play Old Video Games For Free, Drown In A Sea Of Nostalgia

What will happen to old video games? How will they be remembered? How will they be archived? How will we be able to play them in 50 or 100 years time? It's a difficult question, but the Internet Archive is in the process of attempting to make old games available for us to play right now, in browsers. You can play games like Pitfall, The Hobbit, even E.T. for the Atari 2600 if you feel like putting yourself through some pain.

The collection is relatively scant at the moment, and all games are most likely a copyright claim away from being taken down but, for now at least, you can totally play a great number of old classics video games to your heart's content. It's a beautiful thing.


    ET. That game can stay buried in Mexico as far as I'm concerned.

    Google "abandonware"
    Find appropriate emulator
    Find wanted ROMs
    Get an Xbox 360 controller for your PC

    I have an almost finished copy of Starfox 2 for the SNES, there's a lot out there that can be found with a bit of digging. ZSNES is the best emulator I've ever used, it has a lot of features that even make the games look nice on a 55" screen! It even has built-in Action Replay/Game Genie and internet multiplayer support!

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