The Princess Zelda Statue I’ve Been Waiting For

The Princess Zelda Statue I’ve Been Waiting For

First 4 Figures has produced some amazing pieces in its The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess line — the Link on Epona statue is gorgeous, and the massive Ganondorf is the centrepiece of my gaming statue collection — but there’s been something missing, until now. Finally, we have Princess Zelda.

So wise and regal and just plain royal, First 4 Figures’ 1/4 scale Princess Zelda “Master Arts” statue is a thing of beauty, ready to sacrifice herself for any decent cause that comes along.

She stands 17 inches tall including her base, which puts her to scale with the 23 inch tall Ganondorf. It’s not the sort of piece you just stick on a shelf — she’s destined to be the focal point of whichever room she’s displayed in.

This is the one I’ve been waiting for. Now all I have to do is scrape together $US350 to secure one of the 2500 pieces being released in Q4 2014. Princess Zelda is now available forpreorder from First 4 Figures.


  • I thought Zelda was that green guy you play. Is this a change from Skyward Sword?

    • Link is the green guy you play. A lot of non gaming folk get that mixed up.

      Zelda is the princess that has usually gotten herself into some sort of trouble. They’ve changed it up a bit recently but in the older games she is always a princess.

      I have a few of the Zelda:OOT statues and they are awesome. Darunia!

      • Just once I hope Nintendo mix it up and have you play as Zelda – just keep it a big secret and release Zelda Wii U where Zelda is the hero of time for once and blow everybody’s minds.

        • I’m still waiting for Nintendo to release a game based on either Zelda’s story during Ocarina of Time and how she became a bad-arse ninja, or Zelda’s story pre-WindWaker on how she became a bad-arse pirate.

  • already put my pre-order in this morning =D can’t wait to add her to my twilight princess collection

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