The Raid 2 Now Has A Double Dragon-Esque Flash Game

The Raid is probably the most video game-esque action movie I've ever seen. It even has a level structure, what with the whole moving up the apartment building thing, fighting increasingly difficult goons. That's why it makes total sense that, for The Raid 2, there is an official flash game.

Particularly when that flash game hearkens back to 2D side-scrolling beat em ups like Double Dragon and Target Renegade — games that I completely loved as a youngster.

So it's a bit of a shame that this game is a bit... naff. Probably worth a quick blast, seeing as it's playable in your browser, but it's not... great.

I'm trying to be kind here because I love The Raid so much.

Let's all just sit and reminisce about how good Target: Renegade was. Man that game was the best.


    haha, I saw The Raid2 on Saturday night and said to my friends after it'd make a great side scrolling beat-em up.

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