The Hour Of World Of Warcraft's Twilight Is Almost Upon Us

With patch 4.3 coming soon to a World of Warcraft near you, Blizzard tossed us some video showcasing the three new five-man dungeons and the grand finale of the Cataclysm saga, the Dragon Soul Deathwing raid.

It used to be I'd watch something like the Dragon Soul raid coming in the Hour of Twilight patch with just a touch of sadness, knowing I'd never have the time to commit to a raid guild in order to enjoy the new content. Not this time, however, as the patch also adds the Raid Finder, allowing casual players like myself a chance to find a group of like-minded individuals to participate in a specially tuned version of Dragon Soul, with items, rewards, and overall difficulty turned way down.

That's right, Deathwing. The short bus raiders are coming for you, and your ultimate humiliation will be succulent indeed.


    I don't understand why no one has mentioned that chuck norris will be in WoW?

      Probably because the Chuck Norris joke meme became unfunny exactly 14 minutes after it started and yet, years later, people STILL insist on dragging it out.

      The horse isn't just dead. You are beating a pile of dessicated bones, loosely assembled in the shape of a large mammal.

      It was posted the other day.

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