This iPhone Game Tricks You Into Dancing

This iPhone Game Tricks You Into Dancing

Someone recommended that I play “this weird dancing game” at PAX East. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw people spinning around with an iphone between them, but Bounden is easily one of the most fun games I played all weekend.

I first played Bounden with the game’s producer, and immediately saw how much fun this game could be. As with real dancing, it looks much better when there’s someone experienced leading the pair. You can see in the video as it switches from Tina playing with me, to playing with the game’s designer, Adriaan de Jongh.

Even if you don’t have someone experienced to lead you, the game is extremely simple. The display is just a circle on a ball, which rotates along with the phone’s gyroscope. Dots are placed along the ball, which you have to pass the circle over, while both holding the phone. It just so happens that the easiest way to do so looks a whole lot like dancing. And it should, since the dots were placed there as dancers from the Dutch National Ballet danced holding iphones. See for yourself:

Bounden is scheduled to come out May 21 for iOS and Android devices. Until then, try Game Oven’s other spectacularly silly free iPad game, Fingle.

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