Melbourne’s Big Games Night Out Becomes Cult Of The Lamb Rave, Complete With Yassified Lamb

Melbourne’s Big Games Night Out Becomes Cult Of The Lamb Rave, Complete With Yassified Lamb

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to experience a ritual straight out of Cult of the Lamb, featuring a yassified Lamb, vogueing creatures, and game music fading into the Vengaboys in the centre of the Melbourne CBD, boy howdy do I have some news to break to you. Big Games Night Out, a free event capping off PAX Aus Eve for this year’s Melbourne International Games Week, brought cosplay, tournaments, live performances, and most importantly, the aforementioned ritual to Federation Square last night – and it was very cool.

Why was the Lamb so girlypop, you may ask? Personally, I wondered if someone misspelt ‘cult’ in the memo – but regardless, a Lamb in a perfectly curled wig dancing to Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay as Narayana Johnson, Audio Director for Cult of the Lamb, DJs a set inspired by the game’s addictive tunes in a red robe above an adoring crowd was 100% the perfect vibe for a rainy Thursday night in Melbourne.

While, perhaps, it was not exactly what was expected when the Big Games Night Out schedule noted a Cult of the Lamb-themed ritual would be taking place, attendees were nonetheless loving it. Those passing by were treated to the resounding cries for sacrifices and singing the Lamb’s praises, while cute and creepy in-game monsters came to life through the mist and ominous red lighting.

As game composer and Professor of Media Dan Golding said, it’s something pretty special to see a city come together to celebrate a thriving local games industry – and something even more special to see a city rally around one singular game about one singular sacrificial Lamb. Melbourne International Games Week continues with day one of the crown jewel, PAX Aus, in full swing – and we’ll have plenty more to say about the event and highlights as the weekend goes on.

For now, I’ll be thinking about raving in a crowd of other fellow nerds and caught-in-the-crowd bystanders to ominous but absolutely banging tunes from Cult of the Lamb and queer club high rotations as monsters slunk through the shadows, and a very slay Lamb conducted the chaos from above. Long live Melbourne’s local gaming culture.

Lead Image Credit: Massive Monster / Cult of the Lamb

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