Two Minutes' Worth Of Gameplay From The Adventure Game Of The Future

Tossing a wine glass on the ground has never looked so fun. The developers behind Loading Human have released a short clip showcasing some VR gameplay from their upcoming first-person adventure.

\Looks like a perfect fit for motion controls and VR — I especially dig the somewhat System Shock-esque virtual segments.

Loading Human Gameplay Trailer [Untold Games@YouTube]


    The hands look really akward when they're not holding anything, reminds me of Surgeon Simulator, haha.
    Would love to try it out.

    Omg...Dark Souls first-person with this would be AMAZING. It could be done, although I'm not entirely sure how...

    One day there will be a story about someones entire house being robbed while they play a game like this.

    "I took my visor off and the TV, stereo, computer, laptop, cat and kettle had been nicked"

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