Flappy Bird Is Coming Back In August

Flappy Bird Is Coming Back In August

Flappy Bird, the popular, excruciatingly difficult iOS game that became a cultural phenomenon earlier this year before it was pulled from the iOS App Store in February, is coming back this August.

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen told CNBC’s Kelly Evans about the game’s return today, promising that the new version will have multiplayer, and that it “will be less addictive.” In March, he told reporters that he had removed the game because it was too addictive, though he was making upwards of $50,000 a day in ad revenue.

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  • Not sure if you can make something “less addictive” If people like it, it will become addicted to it. Simple

    • It’s possible, but will likely also reduce overall appeal. One approach is to increase the time between losing and being able to start over, even if only by a second or two.

      • I am not saying it is but, making it buggy and shit could also reduce its addictive qualities.

    • You can force people to stop playing by doing something like applying ‘lives’ that go up slowly every 15 minutes etc like what the Adventure Time Card Wars game or Candy Crush does. Obviously it’s useless if microtransactions are involved, but if there’s no way to purchase more of these lives and you’re forced to wait until they refresh, it kind of curbs the addictiveness of the game.

  • Hahahaha, less addictive.

    There wouldn’t be too many examples of re-releases that actively set out to make a game less compelling. This is one for the books.

  • So he has already blown through all his money and wants more just a cash grab i think.

    • I don’t think that’s the case. He seemed like a pretty smart guy in interviews, albeit emotionally unstable. He’s probably dealt with his issues and wants to move forward with it.

  • Also, just as an OCD and a hate for people who think the world revolves around iOS…the game was also on Android…..AHHH that feels better…

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