Is This South Korea's Next Dance Craze?

Is This South Korea's Next Dance Craze?

Forget "Gangnam Style." Forget "Bar Bar Bar". 2014 could be the year that we all start dancing to "Ear Attack".

By "we", I mean "you" — or, at least, someone you know.

Below, you can watch the video for "Ear Attack". It's a tune by a new Korean pop group called Badkidz.

At the time of posting, the above clip has around 100,000 views on YouTube, so by those numbers, this certain hasn't gone supernova. Yet. (Here is the club version if you are into that sort of thing.)

The song debuted at a terrible time for South Korea — during the recent Sewol ferry disaster. The country's attention was directed elsewhere, obviously, but the group appears to be getting another push, recently appearing on music program The Show.

Badkidz's official website has loads of clips of various different people doing the Ear Attack dance.

Kids on the street.

Motorcycle racers.

Schoolgirls in a sketchy part of town.


Macho men.


More cops.

Maybe this is simply viral marketing! The group is appearing on Korea television more and more and there are more and more clips from other YouTube users.

Oh, or videos like this of people going nuts.

Dudes with sparklers.

A dance school.

Small children.

Another dance school. (There are lots of dance school vids for "Ear Attack.")


And if this dude in his backyard is anything to go by, expect to see "Ear Attack" in a neighbourhood near you. Literally!

*SLR강좌* 2014 P&I 컬러매니지먼트 웍플로우 현장세미나입니다 [SLR Club — Thanks Sang!]


    next craze? doubtful, it sux so bad. even the dancing is bad.

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