New Star Wars Space Combat Game Already Cancelled

New Star Wars Space Combat Game Already Cancelled

Just revealed late last year, the free-to-play Star Wars: Attack Squadron browser game has already been cancelled. The game's beta was shut down today.

New Star Wars Space Combat Game Already Cancelled

On the game's Facebook page, the response has been mixed. Some were pro shutdown:

Had potential. But it was a let down from the get go. It's space combat, we should have been able to fly at any angle and have FULL CONTROL over our ship from the beginning. This game would have been pointless to make anyway, seeing as Battlefront 3 will just wind up trumping any space combat this company could have done.

Unfortunate but not surprising. In the end you weren't making a game that a lot of people wanted to play. Should have been a full release, more sim-like, like X-Wing or TIE Fighter was, and not an arcadey browser game. Still, I enjoyed it somewhat.

Some players wished the game lived on:

It had a ton of potential and was so close to having the issues worked out. Really disappointed with this decision.

sucks about this decision. Could have been a pretty cool game. Perhaps work the aspects of this game into one of the other games you are gonna be working on?

To judge for yourself how the game was coming along, here's footage from February, narrated by a first-time player:

Star Wars game development has been particularly tumultuous in the last couple of years as new LucasFilm owner Disney shuttered in-house LucasArts game development and worked out a deal with mega-publisher EA to develop some new big-time Star Wars games, including a new Battlefront game from Battlefield-maker DICE and an action game helmed by the former creative director of the Uncharted series. Attack Squadrons has been in development by Area 52 games and was to be published by Disney Mobile.



    Looks like I'll just have to wait until a starwars mod for star citizen gets made....

    or do xwing vs tie fighter remake.....

    So much for any Star Wars games that we actually would enjoy.

    They need to resurrect 1313. Yes, it's just Uncharted in SW clothes but it makes for an excellent storytelling medium.

    Maybe Battlefront 3 will take care of Space-battles as well?

    Just re-do Xwing vs Tie-Fighter.
    I really can't understand why they don't want to print money for themselves.

      Unfortunately, developers are treating space-sims as toxic, claiming they've been a niche market since their popularity waned around the turn of the century... you know, for consoles. Because it's all about developing revenue streams for console users. Though even that is 80% BS considering how popular Colony Wars was on PSX (before they dropped the ball with the franchise). There's considerable demand from sci-fi loving gamers wanting space-sims/shooters-- the massive response to Star Citizen is evidence of this, it's just, no one wants to make them and no one other than Chris Roberts (who can definitely get that shit did!) is willing to make an attempt. It's pretty much for these reasons we don't have new X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, Freespace 3, or new Colony Wars games.

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