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Wow. I guess I really must have made a mess of Friday's song, because I thought you'd all have no problem at all with it! I think today will make everything a little more clear...

Here's Friday's clue...

And here's a brand new one for all y'all.

Good luck!

You can totally take part in SingTaku and send in your own entries. The rules are simple: you have to use Vine. Upload your SingTaku to Vine and email me with the embed code! Simple!


    Monkey Island, eh.

      *puts on Ask Me About Loom badge*

      How in the world did you get Monkey Island ! ><

        Once you visit the SCUMM Bar the haunting melody will never leave you!

        It's totally the Scumm Bar theme in today's one.

        I'm still trying to figure what the last one was though. It did seem annoyingly familiar, and now just even moreso. But I can't place it.


          Ohhh of course! It's the song with Elaine!

          (around 25 second mark)

          Last edited 12/05/14 12:55 pm

            Heh. I hardly remember that tune at all, and any time I've checked out music from the game I've skipped to the next track during that intro part :P

    Now he's back in the office. I thought we were seeing a slow descent into madness!

      Winning that award grounded him back into reality for a time.

      Pretty sure apartment, based on infant toyset in the background. Unless Mark likes to take it to work to play with?

        It is Mark we're talking about. I wouldn't put it past him

    Biker Mice from Mars.

    Also, look in the background. Mark has clearly been committed to a mental asylum. There's colorful children's toys and a therapist's couch equipped with a "Safety Pillow".

    We are here for you Mark... We are here for you...

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