The iMac Can't Stop A WWII Anti-Tank Rifle

Everyone loves the go-to "let's shoot electronics" .50 calibre rifle, the Barrett M82, but why not mix it up? That's why RatedRR is using this WWII-era anti-tank rifle to destroy an old iMac.

From the video:

The Lahti L-39 is a Finnish 20mm anti-tank rifle used during the second world war. It had excellent accuracy, penetration and range, but its size made transportation difficult.

Personally, I'd love to see more WWII weapons mixed into the rotation of "destroying unnecessarily."

iMac vs 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle [RatedRR]


    Everyone loves the go-to “let’s shoot electronics” .50 calibre rifle, the Barrett M82,

    I really don't. I find this series of videos imbecilic (and I don't watch them, so don't suggest that).

      Okay. Calmeth thine tits.

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          Yeah, if you don't keep an eye on them, they completely lose control. Could potentially have a real situation on your hands.

          Be it bird or breast, the phrase doesn't make much sense anyway.

        They have a point though. If you make a statement that uses the word "Everyone", don't be surprised if people present an example in which your statement is false. Instead, one should say "There exists person in people such that person watches "Let's shoot electronics" and person loves the go-to .50 calibre rifle". Discrete maths has its uses you know.

          Oh no, of course - the article is quite presumptuous. But this comment is also heavily opinionated: I could agree and share in the expression that the article shouldn't assume 'everyone' is behind videos like this, but it's not so hard to understand why a number of people actually do like these kinds of videos. To each their own.

      I can understand why, but most of us are compelled to watch these kinds of videos because we find it gratifying to see what actually happens in the end result, although we get an overall idea what will happen in our heads.

      I'm just mad that they didn't give the mac's video card to me first; I have the exact same model iMac, yet it costs $200 for me to buy a replacement video card thanks to Total War melting my first one...

    Looks to me like it did stop the round.

      Er.... what?
      Which video were you watching?

        It fucked the iMac, but deflected off the back. Didn't go right through.

          Should've built tanks out of mac casings :P

          In all seriousness though the round deflected, but certainly wasn't stopped. A lot of variables in play.

    Now that's a gun! I could imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger walking around with one of these.

      Need to reskin Predator and replace miniguns with anti-tank rifles. Or arnie could star in a WWII film about Finnish snipers out-sniping ruskies with the buggers. :P

    I don't know what the point of that video was - other than to show that an anti-tank rifle can demolish things that weren't built to withstand an anti-tank rifle. By the way, those rifles are useless these days, and even during WWII they quickly lost their utility. They are too big, too heavy, have far too much recoil and are too expensive to fire to use against infantry, and they are useless against modern tanks. I suppose they may be somewhat useful against very lightly armored vehicles or soft-skinned military trucks and jeeps, but there are better weapons for that purpose. These anti-tank rifles are relics of the past and weren't even commonly used in the era they were designed in.

      > too expensive to fire to use against infantry
      > to use against infantry
      > infantry

      A WWII Anti-Tank Rifle... against infantry?


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    Did anyone else notice that the Mac was just as useful before it got shot as It was after it got shot?

    All said and done, any video displaying the destruction of an apple product is fine with me.

      More destruction would have been better. I could have done more destruction with a baseball bat. At least it can't have itunes DRM on it any more.

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