Xbox One Blown Up, Shot By Sniper Rifle

Xbox One Blown Up, Shot By Sniper Rifle

As an Australian, I have little to give thanks for this Thanksgiving. So I'll skip the turkey and instead give thanks for people who blow stuff up on YouTube using military-grade hardware.

In this video from RatedRR, an Xbox One is destroyed twice over, as a .50 cal sniper rifle and a line of det cord are put in a race to see which can blow up the console first.

If that's not enough, the Xbox One is then hung, strapped with explosives then blown up in a fancy "X" shape.

Oh, the humanity.

Xbox One: 50 cal vs Det Cord Drag Race[YouTube]


    As an Australian, I have little to give thanks for this Thanksgiving

    You mean apart from living in a country where idiots and the mentally deranged don't have easy, constitutionally-guaranteed access to high powered guns and explosives?

      This! I hate that these people are blatantly blowing up or shooting something that so many others are wishing they could afford. There's plenty of affordable, non-covetable things to use to indulge the juvenile wish for destruction.

      Bet the native americans regret feeding them starving pilgrims now.

        The gift that keeps on taking.

      I took away that he was surrounded by people celebrating thanks giving and didn't get in to their nonsense holiday.

      The way an atheist wouldn't celebrate Jewish Christmas.

      I rather live in a country where its people don't believe that less freedom and more legislation and are good things.

        Yup 325 mass shootings in the US so far this year is obviously proof of a beacon of freedom.

          Most of which were recidivist who obtained their guns illegally. Not to mention the statistic of people defending themselves and others with a firearm are orders of magnitudes higher.

          While we on the other hand, live in a country where people like you are all too ready handover our freedoms because, "lol its easier for me to let the gubbermint tell me how to live and think. Think of the children! Freedom to associate? Fuck that, them bikies are scarey"

          Australia is free, as long as all you want to do is drink irresponsibly, play certain type of 'Aussie' sports, and let people in blue uniform protect you with their 10 minute response times. Don't like doing any of those things? Like to think for yourself? Have even the slightest interest in firearms? Then guess what, you're shit out of luck.

          But then, if I'm like you, and I'm perfectly willing to let someone else legislate how I should act, conduct myself, and think, and protect me from being offended by nasty things on the internet? Be swayed and feel safe by feel good laws instead of thinking about things logically? Then yea, this country is pretty damn fine.

            Hi Philip Van Cleve!

              Interesting comparison, a island nation, against a nation with two permeable borders. One of which is the border of a unstable violent shithole filled with firearms.

              Not to mention violent crime and murders has been slowly rising here in Australia completely separate of our stance on firearms.

              There are mitigating factors to gun crime. Mexico has a blanket ban on all guns. Now if I'm like you, or other people of your ilk and simply don't use my high brain functions. I could simply do what you do and make a childish asinine comparison 'look gun control doesn't work'. But because I'm not a simple prick, I know that socio-economics plays a greater role in crime statistics.

              Gun control simply reduces a type of crime, not crime itself.

                So you'd support total repeal of all drug laws?

                And actually, if gun control reduces gun crime (which is violent and often results in death) then it's a win. If property theft increases instead I'll honestly take that trade. I can replace my stuff.

                Last edited 02/12/13 2:57 pm

                  I'm a libertarian, I'm all for the controlled legalization of narcotics.

                  My maxim is: don't like it? Don't do it, don't partake it.

                  I love guns, why should someone else's irrational hoplophobia stand in the way of my enjoyment.

                  Also I was referring to violent assaults not robberies. Also I work two, jobs to afford the stuff I own, I wouldn't let anyone take any of it without a fight. Those who say they would give it up, more often than not, have not worked for any of it.

                  "Those who say they would give it up, more often than not, have not worked for any of it."
                  Or they have insurance
                  "I love guns, why should someone else's irrational hoplophobia stand in the way of my enjoyment."
                  I find your love of guns very disturbing, but whatever floats your boat. However, the fear of things that are designed to kill us is hardly irrational. Do you think that crazy people should be able to get firearms?

    Dude...Just get an XBOX One free here!

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    As an aussie i got nothing to complain about. My home (country) is safe and tidy while my backyard (vietnam/cambodia) is my playground. :)

    Thanksgiving as far as I understand it is a party for all the white people in America that scored free land and buffalo burger from the indigenous population....

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