What Losing In StarCraft Really Feels Like

What Losing In StarCraft Really Feels Like

It’s always a sad thing in StarCraft II when our perfect build and strategy is blown into pieces in seconds by the other player. Here’s channelman with a really funny clip showing the differences how these moments look in reality and how they look and feel for the players on the losing side.

Obviously, the latter is always more extreme and the enemy is just invincible. I’m happy though that it’s not just pure Protoss hate. Check out the clip below:

How it looks vs. How it feels #2 [channelman manman, YouTube]


  • I have to admit this isn’t far from the truth.

    When starcraft 2 first came out I was an avid player and hit diamond league (top league at the time) but it was a gut wrenching experience just starting a game, there was always the fear that you wouldn’t be able to stay on top of the game. It was a horribly stressful experience and didn’t even feel like a game anymore.

    • Basically the reason I don’t play SC2 any more. When you fear to play online because of the constant overwhelming knowledge of your likely defeat, it makes it far less enjoyable.

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