You Can Now Play Dragon Quest VIII On iOS

You Can Now Play Dragon Quest VIII On iOS

My old PlayStation 2 just became a casualty of apartment cleaning, so it’s delightful to see Dragon Quest VIII — one of the PS2’s best role-playing games — on the iTunes Store today.

The New Zealand and Australian iTunes Store is typically used as a testbed for game releases on iPad and iPhone. Dragon Quest VIII is definitely one of the better Dragon Quests. Assuming the touch controls are at least tolerable, this will be worth your time.

The game is going for $24.99. Hopefully PSN is next, because I want to play this game with buttons. But, hey, at least soon we’ll be able to get DQVIII on a modern system.


  • I loved that game on PS2. The liberties taken with the localisation worked really well in this case. One of the few times I’ve let that kind of thing slide.

  • I bought this from EB Games once because I heard it was great. Came home, put it in the PS2… It didn’t work. So I haven’t played this one yet. I really hope it gets a PSN release because I’m never touching a mobile game.

  • OMG, this is so unexpected from square-enix.. it’s unbelievable for them to deliver this game to iOS, huge praise to them.

  • Square Enix should listen to their customers and bring this and other games out on PSN.

  • I was in the middle of this game when my PS2 memory card port stopped reading cards so I lost my save file. I’ve always wanted to go back to it. Might be the perfect thing to amuse me during my hour-each-way commute.

  • Wtf!? Awesome. I lost my copy of this game before I completed it, wonder if it’s worth playing on IOS.
    Might have to wait for some reviews

    • Considering it’s turn-based/select from a menu combat I’d say we’ll be fine with a virtual thumbstick for moving around the overworld. There’s no doubt modern iDevices can make the game look at least as good as PS2-era on their tiny screens.

  • I still have this game (& my PS2) but so damn hard that I never got to finish it when facing the first incarnation of the final boss.
    Still love it though.

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