A Definitive List Of Rude Words You Can't Call Your Character In Dark Souls II

Please find enclosed in this post a definitive list of all the banned words you can't use when naming your character in Dark Souls II. Also, a warning: there are some seriously hilarious/disgusting/terrifying words in this list.

What surprises me most about the list is the commitment. There are a lot of alternate spellings of the same word that are completely banned.


erekshun masterb8 sekks

And also some words I totally wouldn't have expected to see on a list like this:

dilligaf dingleberry epeen hairy bush lemonparty mandingo

Simply put, this is a pretty incredible and definitive list. Good job From Software.

You can find the whole list here.

Via ManFightDragon


    I'm slightly annoyed that I know off the top of my head that Mandingo is a pornstar known for his abnormally large penis. Thanks, reddit.

      Yes... I heard about it from Reddit... that's it.

    It may be a list of things I can't call him in game but that wont stop me from naming my character a variety of profanities from my couch every time he fails a dodge or jump...

    Checked the list for a certain word. What the hecks a rim job?

    Bloody hell. Bloody hell is on that list!

    LOL, Yahtzee's preferred name of "Fagballs" isn't on the list...

    Last edited 30/06/14 6:48 pm

    Totally makes sense to filter names... for you know, all those young children playing this game. Wouldn't want them to get offended, scared or anything.

    Justin Bieber is on the list . Also calling your character Joffrey is definitely banned

    Doh and I had my heart set on Lord Lemonparty, what am I to do now :'(

    Last edited 01/07/14 8:28 am

      You can call your avatar Gaylord... sort of same thing, except it is a legitimate name.

        I've already used gaylord to death, was trying to mix it up abit.

    *joy* my gaming handle 'giveaphuk' has once again been spared! :)

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