Chinese Video Likens Valve's Big Dota 2 Tournament To The World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is in full swing! As with the previous two World Cups, China doesn't have a team in the tournament. But in the upcoming 2014 Dota 2 International in Seattle, China makes up one-eighth of the 16 teams.

China has two teams participating in the 2014 Dota 2 International in Seattle. In what appears to be a promo video to drum up support and hype for Chinese DotA and DotA in general, the folks over at Chinese Youku channel TunTunImage (吞吞映像) posted a promotional video linking the FIFA World Cup to the International.

It confuses this writer why TunTunImage decided to create this video. DotA is incredibly popular in China. Heck, all multiplayer online battle arena games are popular in China. I wouldn't say DotA's as popular as the World Cup, since at least eight have died from pulling all-nighters watching the games, but I don't think it needs the boost.

Then again, e-sports are sports right? And, the winners of the Dota 2 International receive this nifty... shield?

Chinese Video Likens Valve's Big Dota 2 Tournament To The World Cup

大力神杯与冠军之盾的碰撞 DOTA2世界杯


    I think you left a little over 10 million things out in your last sentence.

    I think the major difference is that at least China is participating in the DotA 2 Tournament.

    Umm, China has a lot more than 2 teams participating in The International.

    One eighth? Does anyone even do maths anymore? China makes up 5/15 qualified teams so it's one third.

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