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We’re just days away from the biggest Dota 2 event of the year, the annual International tournament with its $49 million prize pool. Normally, this would be a time of celebration, but throughout the group stages leading into the August 20 main event, hardly anybody in Twitch chat has been talking about the games.

Instead, fans have been in an uproar over Valve’s decision to host the International in Shanghai while protests rage in Hong Kong.


"I'm ready to win. I'm ready to lose. I'm ready for everything," said OG coach and offlaner, Sébastien "7ckngMad" Debs, before facing off against PSG.LGD in the grand finals of The International 2018.

Valve's most recent entry in the True Sight documentary series shows just how ready Debs was with a unique view from inside the teams' booth.


The International 2018 ends tomorrow. By day’s end, over $US25 million ($34 million) will be divided up among 18 teams from around the world with the lion’s share, $US11.1 million ($15 million), going to first place. Whoever that turns out to be at this point, though, will be a team almost nobody saw coming.

The tournament for Valve’s action strategy game Dota 2 saw favourites crushed and underdogs rise up in the first day of matches, and the shocking upsets haven’t stopped since.


The International is full of high-stakes gameplay. Between the games there's skits, panel discussions and the occasional announcement. Announcements like a Gabe Newell mega-kills announcer probably doesn't have anything to say when a Triple Kill happens.


The International 2018 officially got underway this week and surprise, there were a number of problems with various streaming feeds going down in the middle of the Dota 2 matches. Valve sent out a tweet last night apologising for the outages, but given how big and lucrative the event is, it still feels like the company should have their shit more together by now.


Just before midnight on 10 August 2016, I jumped up from my seat screaming at the top of my lungs about Dota 2. I wasn’t even playing the game myself, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand it on the level of the players I watched that night.

In a Dota 2 match that remains one of the most dramatic ever played in the game’s history, Evil Geniuses and EHOME played their asses off for 75 minutes, only for one to strike a surprise deathblow in the 76th.


As Valve does every year, the prize pool for the Dota 2 International is backed by the seemingly unending generosity of fans opening their wallets for the Battle Pass. This year is no different: funding has already exceeded $US20 million ($27 million), and there's still over a month and a half left to go.


When Juan "Atuun" Ochoa was accused of cheating at Dota 2, he was playing one of its most complicated heroes, a grotesque-looking gnome who can clone himself, trying to help his team win the South American qualifiers for the 2018 International. Ochoa's actions resulted in his team being disqualified, its dreams of attending August's $US14.7 million ($20 million) prize pool tournament shattered.

The team denies any cheating took place, although its explanation doesn't seem entirely waterproof.


This is the panel for the Group Stage of the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year. The one that's sponsored by Valve and has a prize pool of nearly $US24 ($30) million. I think it's time the multi-billion dollar company splurged on some upgrades.