Every First-Run Copy Of Persona Q Comes With Half A Set Of Cards

Every First-Run Copy Of Persona Q Comes With Half A Set Of Cards

Sneaky sneaky, Atlus, spreading your preorder/early adopter bonus across two games. Fans who pick up the upcoming Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth for the 3DS get the second half of a set of Persona 4-themed tarot cards. The first half? That's the fightin' half.

In order to collect the entire set of Persona 4 tarot cards, based on the cards used as invokers in the original role-playing game, fans will have to score both Persona Q for the 3DS and a copy of Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax, the enhanced version of the fighting game, coming in September to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. How very tricksy.

Fortunately, Persona fans are the sort who'll buy everything Persona anyway. I know this because I buy everything Persona anyway. I'm so eager to buy new Persona games that I'm purposefully avoiding telling you folks about the extremely limited Wildcards Premium Edition, so I can gather the $US80 needed to purchase it before they sell out. Wait...

Every First-Run Copy Of Persona Q Comes With Half A Set Of Cards

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth: "The Wild Cards" Premium Edition:

  • This ultimate collector's item is being made available in North America and will come in special packaging that includes the following items:
  • Tarot Card Set #2 - Same as above
  • Art Booklet - Collection of some of the amazing new artwork that went into Persona Q
  • Soundtrack CD - CD with the Persona Q soundtrack highlights by the ATLUS sound team
  • Deluxe Hard Case for 3DS XL - This hard case, previously available only in Japan,is coming to North America and features Persona Q designs and will house a 3DS XL

Oh well, there's that. The announcement says preorders are open at the official website, but I'm not seeing them. You should just give up.



    another thing to have to save heaps of cash up for. :(

    I've already bought the 3DS XL case from Japan but hopefully NISA does something nice for us.

    I've got my limited edition preordered. Woo. Persona 4 Ultimax before then too. So much persona!

      Where did you order from?

        videogamesplus.ca for those two. Keep in mind 3DS is region locked so you would need a US 3DS. It will be interesting if Ultimax on PS3 is region locked this time around as well.

          Cool, thanks for the info, i've bought from those guys before. I might just get it for the loot and wait and see if we Persona Q here so i can actually play it.

    Collectors items across multiple purchases? RPG OCD completionists? I would say target demographic bullseye.

    I'm done with my 360. I don't want to buy another game for it. I do want the home edition of the Persona 4 fighter, though. It was really fun in the arcades.

    PC release? WiiU? 3DS?


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