Goat Simulator's Update Makes The Game Even More Bonkers

Penguins. Whales. Jake the dog from Adventure Time. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Zoidberg. Somehow, Goat Simulator has gotten even wackier, and it's amazing.

You can watch Markiplier play through the Goat Simulator update, which added a lot of new stuff to the game for free, here. It's also worth noting that the game adds stuff like multiplayer and hats in the update too, though we don't get to see it in this footage — this is mostly devoted to the silly easter eggs the game features.

I think I might have to boot Goat Simulator up, just to get to play as that grocery cart. Or maybe I'll just contemplate what a weird sentence that is.



    Oh no, not this guy. I find him more painful to watch than Pewdiepie.

    OK 1 minute is enough. I dont know who this guy is. All I know is it makes me sad knowing there is someone else just as repulsive as Pewdiepie.

    Holy crap that guy has the most obnoxious voice I've ever heard. I can imagine him talking to himself at a party, imagining in his mind that he is wildly popular and everyone adores his witty and insightful commentary on life.

    I thought I recognised that image, just only recently started watching Markiplier.

    How is this saying there are 25 comments on the link, but in here, there are only 5, including this one?

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