Guy Turns Nintendo 64 Into Hot Pink Barbie Corvette

Guy Turns Nintendo 64 Into Hot Pink Barbie Corvette

Your boring old grey console is totally lame compared to this hot pink Barbie Corvette that craftsman Robin Graves turned into an actual working N64.

I met Graves, who asked that we not use his real name, at E3 last week, where he told me about this project and promised to send over some photos. They’re pretty spectacular. Check’em out:

Guy Turns Nintendo 64 Into Hot Pink Barbie Corvette
Guy Turns Nintendo 64 Into Hot Pink Barbie Corvette
Guy Turns Nintendo 64 Into Hot Pink Barbie Corvette

Yep, this is a toy car that plays Nintendo 64 games.

Here’s Graves explaining the story behind this crazy contraption:

I’ve been tearing apart things and repurposing them for years upon years. About 3 years ago I decided I wanted to make a small carrying case for my plugs out of a Nintendo system. Well at my mom’s house there just happened to be the old family N64 on the bottom shelf of the linen closet and it hadn’t been used for more than decade. So I quietly swooped it up and took it apart for my own diabolical endeavors.

Well a short time later my sister comes over and notices it in pieces on my workshop table. She had that look of one discovering the corpse of a loved one in some sort of taboo sexual predicament. You know sadness with a hint of disgust. Well she was furious and felt I had no right to take apart anything that was “ours.” I still stand by the fact everything has an expiration date.

Well life happened and she forgot about it. I had the guts of the N64 tucked away safely in a box. Well her birthday is coming up and I’m short on cash. So I do what any artist would do: Hatch a scheme on what to make her. Then it hits me. She wasn’t mad that I took it apart. She was mad because she thought she would never be able to play her childhood favorites again like Diddy Kong Racing. Well good sir, the Robin Graves philosophy is “It’s not dead till I say it’s dead.” So really all it needed was a new housing.

Well my options went through the roof but I ain’t no shmuck. This was a birthday present and it had to mean something if this was going to give me a pass for another year. So with a little thinking I recall her having this big pink Barbie Corvette as a little one and played with it all the time. Now I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure I either strapped fireworks to it or, more likely, put a shit ton of holes in it from back when I was a BB gun sniper. So $12 dollars later on ebay I had scored a replacement. Well her birthday was then a week away and I worked on it for hours every day. A lot of trial and even more error went into the making of the N64vette.

Of course with my progressive thinking I didn’t even think to test the N64 before hand. And even more “of course” it didn’t work. My heart sunk because her birthday was now just 2 days away. Well I took apart another N64 I got from a garage sale recently and that’s when I discovered that they have a jumper pack in the top and it won’t work without it. So I dug out the shell and I still had the jumper pack. I plugged it in and my world let out a huge sigh of relief as the Nintendo logo appeared. I sealed it up, touched it up, and just tinkered with it till the day of. Well the N64vette was well received and tears were shed. Now there’s a waiting list at my sister’s to play the pimped out Nintendo but of course I demand I get VIP privileges. Now I just got to find our copy of GoldenEye.

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