Here's The E3 Trailer For Warmachine: Tactics

Video: The video game adaptation of Warmachine, due for the PC, is still coming (it's out in August). Here's the E3 trailer.


    If Magehunters are going to be in the game then every single match will be nothing but me icing the battlefield in AOE templates until they're nothing but a charred corpse!

      Really? You think mage hunters are bad? Troll bloods with their bloody duel bomb arty bullshit is horrible, the only units that have an ability that can counter aoe are the Khador heavy warjacks destroyer/demolisher (can't remember) and it is so slow that the high damage will break the warjack before they can close.

        Pfft, 'jacks and my Bastions laugh at AOEs. They can't even target my 'jacks thanks to the Choir.

          Oh man, Bastions are just so, so good.

            Bastions are probably my favourite unit. I regularly see them in all my games, much to the chagrin of my opponents.

            Even if they manage to kill at least 4 of them, my High Reclaimer is popping his feat to make them cry.

    See i dont understand why 40k hasn't done the same thing years ago, sure they like to rip people off and force them to buy the physical model at ridiculous prices,, but a video game would open up more wallets from the people who are keen but cant drop $300 on an army of unpainted plastic.

      Because Games Workshop.

        Yeah but I'm not sure it would be bad for them
        I've considered getting a warhammer army but the cost puts me off for something I haven't tried. But getting people playing online and learning the rules, then push them to try offline with minis if it appeals.
        Hell if they did it well have a really detailed army builder/painter and let you order painted minis direct from the game to be delivered.

        yeah totally - some corporate guff about 'making an identical game will impinge on our core market'...pfft

        why won't they just make a horus heresy/siege of terra game like planetary annihilation - you damn sure can't do planetary warfare on a tabletop

      $300 won't get you much of an army these days either.

        Ah well i bought my necron army a year ago, with a few decent supplementaries for about $220.

          yeah, ebay is a goldmine - plus 7th ed 40k unbound armies: you can just put whatever models you want into an army. no restrictions whatsoever - perfect for if you're just getting into the game (admittedly not for balance though....)

    Haven't really been keeping up with the news for this game but have they announced the hordes factions as playable or is that just wishful thinking right now?

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