Kaptain Brawe Wants A Kickstarter Sequel


    ...Just imagine...Luke Plunkett is paid to post this stuff.

      I really don't get how they justify this rubbish to themselves.

      Yes but he only gets paid in bananas and monopoly money. He still hasn't worked out that it isn't even real monopoly money. It's just a pay packet filled with toilet paper.

        If this is the case, I'm not even mad. That's just frigging hilarious.

      You realise by clicking through and commenting, you're legitimising this kind of content right? Views/comments tell the analytics boffins that this content works and should be encouraged.

        I definitely realise this, though I was interested to see what this article had to offer. HOPING for some sort of explaination of what Kaptain Brawe was and why the author felt this was news worthy.

        I guess, I wasn't expecting the summarise description on the front page to litterally be the sum total of the entire "article" itself. Since I had already clicked here, of course I'm going to comment my thoughts on it.
        There's only so many times an someone can get "Wtf is this?!" comments before an employer takes notice.....right?

    WTF is Kaptain Brawe? A basic explanation would help you to not insult and alienate your audience.

    Information that could have gone into this article:

    The 1st episode of the original game is currently available for free so that people who haven't played it (i.e. everyone) can see what the team is trying to achieve: http://www.kaptainbrawe2.com/

    The 2nd episode of the original game will be given to everyone who backs from the $3 tier and up.

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