Mortal Kombat Looking Good And Gory, Like It's Supposed To

Mortal Kombat Looking Good and Gory, Like It's Supposed to

There was never any question what the developers of Mortal Kombat were going to use the new consoles' increased processing power for, was there?

Ok, it's not just blood. In the clip above, you can see Scorpion, Sub-Zero and a slew of other Kombatants dueling to the death with environmental interactions a la Injustice. The details look more painful than ever. And that Fatality? Gonna be a lot of fun pulling that off.


    So this trailer basically confirms that it will be banned here

      No. Despite how dated our R rating still is, the only change it has from the MA rating is that games are allowed to be a little bit more violent then normal.

      as long as no one sticks anything into anyones assholes, we should still get it here...

    Scorpion now has a fire Hadoken?

    What's really good about this game is that thanks to the events of MK9, we now have almost a full roster of characters to replace. Meaning we'll most likely be getting a large group of new characters (as seen in the trailer).

    Anyways, despite having MK9 in Australia two years before actual release, I never got to play it that often (weren't many Australians to play with). Who's up for some games?

      Did that story count as official canon? Like it made sense and all but they killed just about everyone, including sub zero who's in the trailer. That seems like a lot of characters to wipe from the series

      BigTopGOG on Xbox, MitchD1989 on PS3; I'm down (have it on both).

      I'm AshuraMGS3Sub on Xbox. I'm normally on most nights if you'd like someone to beat the crap out of (I'm decidedly terrible at MK). ^^


    Here's hoping they keep it HUD free, looks a lot nicer.

      Do you play fighting games, or just watch others?

    Pretty sure I'll be importing the full version of this.

      'Full' version? You do realise that with the R rating we won't likely get a censored version right... after all, we got the 'full' version of 9?

        Yeah but we still got a watered down version of saints row 4, even with our R rating.

          And that version was purely because of one mission with drugs giving you superpowers. Unless one of the new combatants is powered by cocaine I don't think the scenario's are even remotely comparable.

        Yeah like 3 years later. I can't be arsed waiting for whatever the argument is this time.

          Um.... yeah.... sure.... right.... *backs out slowly*

    I was hoping the matches would be cinematic like the debut trailer we got last week

    I hope the characters in this game feel a lot more fluid. The past few MK games on the 360 have been really hard in controlling the characters swiftly.

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