My PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Are Now World Cup Machines

And all for one simple reason: the SBS On-Demand app — available on both Xbox One and PS4 — is streaming every single game of the 2014 World Cup.

Every. Single. Match.

Not just the main matches. Not just the matches where Australia is taking part. All of the matches. I can pick and choose. I can wake up in the morning and watch matches that took place while I was sleeping. SBS has the rights for all of the World Cup. ALL OF IT.

This is amazing. This changes everything.

As a Scottish person living in Australia, the World Cup has always been tough on me. I love to watch all the games I can, but time differences make it difficult. This time round the SBS deal is like living in paradise. I literally cannot believe it. The future is here. I am about to shed tears of actual joy.

It is insane. You can pause. You can rewind matches. You can do whatever the hell you want to do.

This is the future. This is the real deal.

I am so excited. For the next month, video games can bugger off. Both of my consoles just became World Cup machines.


    That's actually pretty awesome.
    I really should do this.

    Actually worth mentioning here the Destination Brazil app on the Xbox One, which can complement watching the World Cup quite neatly :)

    All in all, good to hear that both consoles can be centrepieces when watching the World Cup!

    This is such great news!!! Time to buy a vuvuzela in celebration ;)

    I try, I really do, to get into... ahem... 'football' (gotta say it right), but I just don't get the appeal. I've tried watching matches and getting into it with some friends. I've tried to enjoy playing Fifa with friends. But I JUST DON'T GET IT.

    I'm obviously in the minority - it's called the world game for a reason. Still, SBS is fantastic in doing this, and I hope similar options can be made available for other sports I do enjoy. Imagine a similar thing for UFC?!?!?!

      I also don't get it. You're not alone there :). I just find it boring for some reason. Am I weird?

      I can't get into it either. It is good to see SBS living in 2014 though.

      There are plenty of sports I totally don't get. Football is just something I grew up with.

      Also -- re: UFC. If Fight Pass was better and contained all PPVs, I'd be on that like a flash.

        Yeah it certainly helps. I grew up in country Victoria, so it's always been Aussie Rules for me. My friend's father immigrated from South Africa and told me it took him 10 years to understand what the hell was going on in AFL... I can really understand, at first it seems like you can just do anything apart from throw the ball!

    Such perfect timing to release it.

    As mentioned, if you dont want to get up early in the morning, but happy to stay in the dark until you watch the match on your terms, then this is a great option.

    SBS coverage is awesome. I'm going to be sad when they can't afford the rights anymore and it gets locked behind Foxtel...

      Let's not think about that dystopian future. Let's bask in this glorious present.

    This is the best coverage of any sporting event I've ever witnessed. SBS have all games on normal free to air tv, online, on consoles and on mobiles. Choosing from multiple angles during the match and even on replays the minute the current game has finished? I'm in heaven and SBS should be applauded for this. Unfortunately when tv awards come around at the end of the year the World Cup will be overlooked by something like the State of Origin.

    Now to just hope that the rest of the matches will be less of a farce than this morning's match. Croatia's coach is right when he said they should just go home if that's what they can expect from the officials. Scolari's doing his best impression of Wenger, Fergie and Mourinho all wrapped up into one by defending one of his players falling to the floor at the slightest touch. It's not like Brazilians have a history of cheating during world cups...

    Should I expect you to be Italian on Sunday morning though @markserrels ?

    Do you really want it? DO YOU REALLY WANT IT?

    (please I have tried this joke so many times, someone pay attention to me please)

    (also I really loved this song when it came out and secretly have it stuck in my head for about a week now)

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    Friday the 13th is good so far! Emailed about Destiny Alpha access and now this. Keep it coming freaky friday - keep it coming! :-D

    Ooh they'll do this for the Tour de France as well, won't they? Excellent.

    Does anyone know when the games will actually be up to watch though?
    The Brazil Chile match isn't up online yet.

      Probably because Brasil didn't play Chile :P
      Seriously though the match from this morning is available on the SBS on demand app now

        *head desk*
        Yes I was getting myself confused with the Australian v Chile match.
        I blame a busy work morning,

        Really? I can't seem to find it on my xbox one.

    Sounds great Mark.
    I remember having a set top box with a hard drive plugged in to record them during the last world cup. Only have a basic foxtel unit for this one, so no recording.

      Also, I still can't un-see the World Cup logo as the classic Picard face-palm hehehe

        I hadn't before reading this, I really shouldn't have scrolled up, but I did, and how I hate you because you are a morally bad person :'(

          hehehe sorry about that old chap :)

          Last edited 18/06/14 8:06 am

    Nope, it can't be unseen:

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