Sony Australia Adds SBS On Demand To The PS3

PlayStation 3 users should now have access to SBS On Demand, according to a Friday press release from Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. 360 owners have had access since last year, but this is the first time PS3 owners have had the ability tune in as well.

The release itself states SBS On Demand has been "optimised for viewing" on PS3, though there's no mention of what this means. What is mentioned is how much of an opportunity the PS3 represents for Australian "content providers", with SCEA MD Michael Ephraim citing a 1.5 million install base and the PS3's apparent position as 2011's "highest selling" console.

If you happen to give the service a whirl on PS3, feel free to share your experience.

Playstation adds SBS to its on-demand service [mUmBRELLA]


    Why did it take you two days to report on a 'Friday press release'?

      Are you new to Kotaku? They're not on the same time-space continuum as the rest of us sometimes.

      The iView app on the PS3 fuckin' sucks compared to the 360 one, and even the app built into my TV is better. I hope they've done a better job with the SBS app.

        Iview on the 360 is a proper application now. That is the big difference.

          iView on 360 has a fancier interface but I can't get it to play beyond the first 8 minutes of a show before the sound goes out of synch and it starts randomly pausing. Never had those problems with iView on my PS3.

    Just trying it out now. The interface is very, very nice. It actually takes advantage of the directional pad instead of just launching in the browser :P

      The SBS application is running in the browser the same as ABC's iView. The main difference is that iView is pretty much entirely a Flash application that is only usable with a mouse (which means using left analogue stick on the PS3).

      The SBS site seems to be mostly HTML and has decent keyboard control (the D pad controls essentially act as the arrow keys). It only uses Flash for the actual video streaming, at which point it tells you that you'll need to use the left analogue stick to access the controls.

    Does anyone actually ever use these things? Like, honestly?

      I do.
      All the time.
      It's basically how I watch ABC and SBS now.

      Back when they had the rights, I used to use it to watch The Daily Show & The Colbert Report all the time.

      Yeap. All the time. I use my PS3 to watch iView more then anything else.
      Really gladSBS on demand is there too now.

      Absolutely. Good to hear SBS is on PS3, I much prefer iView on there than on Xbox.

    Frequently. I rarely watch anything on the ABC stations at its scheduled time, just because of the convenience. Fantastic that SBS has finally come on board.

    I use ABC's Iview quite often. It's not the best quality, but it's easy to use.

    I'm glad to see SBS has followed suit with what appears to be a decent PS3 application.

    I would use these services if only Telstra would add them as unmetered content :(

    Hopefully we can watch in sd quality as a minimimum...i7 is unwatchable in the ps because the quality is so bad!!!

    Awesome if I miss Letters and Numbers! Side bonus is you don't need paid subscription to access on PS3 unlike Xbox which I discovered to my disappointment.

      yeah, idk wtf that is about. Seems completely unreasonable.

    Unless I can watch Inspektor Herring, then not a single fuck is given this day.

    Horribly unusable piece of crap, just like the iView 'app'.

    It's not their fault. It's Sony's fault. Let third parties make actual apps for their content and stop embedding websites in a half-arsed fashion. HTML5 based apps would be fine, if they could run full screen (instead of 90% full screen, oh wait you bumped the down button while the video was playing, now it's 30% of the screen, just what you wanted), and actually use the PS3's excellent built in media player (instead of a crap quality Flash embed you can't control with the remote properly).

    It's just embarrassing, Sony. It's fucking amateur hour.

      If you have fumble fingers is not the fault of the app, it works fine, any problems you experience are due to user error or a slow internet connection. For some one who can't get SBS reception in their area area, this is yet another reason to use their PS3 for things other than playing games. Thankyou Sony for more free value adding.

        Ha! You've never done anything with UI design, have you?

        It's crap UI, pure and simple. No one at Sony would disagree, they'd just try and change the subject because they'd be so horribly embarrassed about it. Needing to move a cursor on screen with a joystick is comically bad. Having video not actually take up the entire screen is a joke. The video quality is horrific, and stupid given all they need to do is let web apps use the inbuilt media player (a method iOS devices have used for FIVE YEARS).

        Blaming the user for poor UI is #1 on the list of dumb shit people say in the context of application development. Companies that have actually done well believe the opposite, and understand they need to make their UI work for the user, not the other way around.

          Correct I am not a designer, I am a gamer and I am quite happy using the analogue stick to navigate. As far as blaming the user you admitted to the 'bumping of the down button' as you put it, sounds like your in the wrong neighborhood son, Kotaku is the gamers guide is it not, anyone who prefers to use the remote over the dual shock is on the wrong side of the tracks , time to go get all touchy with you beloved iOS laddy.
          We game here.

    The xbox sbs app is only available to "gold" members, but xbox iview is for everyone - nice thinking, whoever came up with that one! Anyway, i have both, but far prefer ps3 (not trolling, just a statement of opinion) and now sbs is on ps3, another reason for my xbox to collect dust.

      You cant charge people for abc a gold sub was consider paying for it thats why it wasnt on xbox sooner

    Most used video app on xbox. Abc iview a close second, then windows media player.

    I always thought I'd like the youtube app but it turned out to be a pos.

    Hooray, now I don't need to change my region on PlayTV when I want to watch something on SBS!

    lazy arse sony. Just give us an iview app already

    Keep up Sony! So glad I kept with my 360 for Mass Effect, or I'd miss the weekend challenges!

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