While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, video gaaaaaaaaaames! WHOOSH!

Over the weekend the CEO of OMGPOP (the studio behind Draw Something) said some rather mean things over Twitter. Today, he's back-pedalling.

SBS On Demand has arrived on the PlayStation 3, so yay for the console finally catching up to the Xbox 360 (which has had access to it since last year).

Notch says that the less he and Mojang are like EA, the happier he'll be, Molyneux appears at the Molydeux Molyjam, and SimCity gets environmental... but does it work?

In short Draw Something CEO backs down when Notch calls out his Twitter rage Sony Australia adds SBS On Demand to the PS3 Notch: the more we don't so what EA would do, the happier I am Molyneux pops up at fake Molyneux game jam SimCity's middled environmental activism


    Ha ha ha!

    Looks like today's "while you were sleeping" got DSEd !

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