Molyneux Pops Up At Fake Molyneux Game Jam

This weekend, the Molydeux Game Jam — a wacky design fest based on the ideas of fake Twitter account (and Peter Molyneux parody) Peter Molydeux — will officially kick off in almost 30 locations worldwide.

And look who decided to show up! Molydeux Game Jam participant Sam Van Tilburgh posted this picture today of the real Peter Molyneux (best known for his work on the Fable series) making an appearance at the London event. I hope he made lots of games about feelings.

@SamVanTilBurgh [Twitter]


    Here's an idea. A game where there's no tutorial and no manual to tell you the control. To encourage friends to talk to each other and discover the controls.

      No no, a game thats only a manual and you win by reading it.

      I was going to make a joke about a game thats only a tutorial, but Final Fantasy XIII has already been made!

      Most people would just give up, I think. Now, if the game was about inventing those controls and actions, and teaching the AI to use them.. that could go places.

      Minecraft already did this.

      I remember those games. That was pretty much every retro game. You had to read the manual or figure it out yourself. And fighting games didn't list the moves, you had to pass them around as hand written notes

    Game where you have to interview Peter Molyneux, and select the right leading questions to increase his enthusiasm meter. Bonuses are given if he wells up.

    Also I love that Molyjam is an actual thing! Can't wait to see what people make

    You are blind! You have to use your 7.1 surround headphones to guide you through the game.

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